Oxygen Bar

Why an Oxygen Bar? Because Oxygen is...

Ecopolitan's Oxygen Bar Inside each of your 60 trillion cells, oxygen combines with glucose to produce energy for life. Shortage of oxygen in the tissues causes shortage of energy, acid buildup, and anaerobic ("without oxygen") metabolism.
These effects contribute to degenerative diseases (heart disease, cancer, arthritis), chronic metabolic disorders (fatigue, muscle pain/fibromyalgia, immune deficiency, hormonal imbalance, cognitive and emotional dysfunction), and dangerous anaerobic infections (viral, bacterial, fungal)

Deficient in the environment

Earth's atmosphere has been gradually depleted of oxygen by global deforestation and industrialization. In northern latitude winters, atmospheric oxygen is further reduced by lack of green plant photosynthesis.

Deficient in our tissues

Most Western people, in a learned response to stress, habitually breathe with their upper chest instead of their diaphragm. This causes a significant reduction in oxygen utilization and efficiency of gas exchange in the lungs.
Beyond the lungs, cellular receptors for oxygen are blocked by indoor and outdoor air pollutants (such as carbon monoxide). This is especially severe in cities, but is also a problem in commercial farmlands.
Tissue oxygen is also reduced by acidity due to excessive dietary protein, artificial/processed foods, stress, and pollutants (such as heavy metals) in air and water.


Just as we take nutritional supplements to combat deficiency or enhance health, we can all benefit from breathing concentrated oxygen occasionally. (Our oxygen bar provides 95% pure oxygen, and the calming, balancing effects of aromatherapy.)
Concentrated oxygen is especially helpful to people with headache, hangover or addiction withdrawal, cardiovascular or respiratory disease, and chronic anoxia disorders (fatigue, fibromyalgia, immune deficiency, cancer, arthritis and other degenerative diseases).
Certain nutrients also enhance oxygen transport and utilization. (For more information, ask about our professional-quality supplements.)


Our oxygen bar can be used up to twice daily.

Schedule a Session 

Sessions are 15 minutes. Our machine can seat up to 2 people. 
Intro session includes nasal cannula(s).
Intro Session for 1 person: $10, for 2 people $15
Regular Session for 1 person: $8, for 2 people $10 
Nasal Cannula (Replacement): $5 each

To schedule a session, please call us at: 612-87-GREEN

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