Why Our Bulk Organic Foods Are Superior?

Ecopolitan Restaurant is a 100%Organic Vegan Eco-Raw Cuisine, Juice & Wine Bar, & Eco-Shop.
Why Ecopolitan's eco-shop bulk foods are superior? Read about our high standards for non-toxic, health food, about our selection, and more...


We bag our foods in nontoxic cellophane. Other stores use plastic, which leaches fat-soluble toxins into the food. These toxins include hormone mimics such as xenoestrogens, and carcinogens such as dioxin and diethyl-hexyladepate.


We sell only 100% organic, raw, and minimally processed foods. No pesticides, preservatives, trans-fats, free radicals, and other heat damage. No sugar-coated, roasted, buttered, factory-made junk.


We carry items that are hard to find organic and raw, such as pine nuts, pistachio meats, macadamia nuts, Brazil nuts, a variety of dried fruits, sprouting seeds, and sun‑dried tomatoes.


To prolong freshness, we store our bulk foods in dark freezers, then pack them for immediate sale. In other stores, bulk bins offer no protection from heat, light and air. Unprotected foods spoil quickly—their unsaturated fats turn to peroxidated polyunsaturates, causing hormone damage, immune damage, weight gain, and aging.


Our cellophane bags are biodegradable, compostable, and made from sustainably grown cottonwood trees. No petroleum-based plastic that must be burned or sit in landfills for eons. No wasteful use of large plastic bags for only small amounts of food.


We prepackage the food for you. The food in bulk bins elsewhere may be contaminated by numerous customers’ unwashed hands.


Grab some bulk foods when you stop in for a smoothie, wine, or great meal. Or we will gladly ship them to you.

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