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Prof. Adiel Tel-Oren ("Dr. T") MD, DC, DABFM, DABCN, CCN - Health & Nutrition Science Expert; Holistic Skin Scientist; World-Wide Lecturer to Doctors, Health Practitioners, & the Public; Founder of the "Tel-Oren MucoCutaneous Therapy" - a Non-Surgical, Non-Medical Approach to Skin and Mucous Lesions; Skin & Anti-Aging Diagnostics and Therapeutics Innovator; Functional Medicine Expert; and Natural Medicine Author. Professor at the University of Natural Medicine and the IAACN; Certified, Licensed Clinical Nutritionist; Board-Certified in Functional-Medicine, Clinical-Nutrition, Disability Analysis, & Chelation-Therapy; Founder of Several Humanitarian Projects in Several Countries; Guide of Foraging and Trekking Expeditions, Ecological Projects, Retreat, and Adventures
Dr. T was born in Jerusalem, Israel, and had an extensive career in music before switching to medicine, as a result of long-term interest in health and nutrition stemming from witnessing severe illness and tragedy in his family. He obtained
his first doctorate, in chiropractic medicine (DC), from Northwestern Health Science University, graduating at the top of his class. After several years of successful practice as a nutrition and functional medicine physician, he returned to school and received his Medical Diploma (MD) at the prestigious Pirogov Medical University (Russia's flagship medical institute, which placed 3rd in UNESCO's competition for the world's best medical school). He then became certified by the American Boards of Functional Medicine (DABFM), Clinical-Nutrition (DABCN), Disability Analysis (FABDA), & the American Board of Chelation and Oxidative Therapy. He has also obtained his Certified Clinical Nutritionist (CCN) diploma - with the IAACN (International & American Association of Clinical Nutritionists) - where he is also serving as professor for the Clinical Nutrition Certification Board. He is a licensed nutritionist (LN) in Minnesota (since 1997).

Dr. T has trained and certified many American physicians in utilizing his non-surgical, alternative method for the removal of skin and mucous membrane lesions, which is practiced in more than 35 U.S. cities and over 25 Israeli locations.
Founder of the "Tel-Oren MucoCutaneous Therapy" - a non-surgical, non-medical approach to the removal of skin and mucous lesions.

Dr. T has developed and offers certification seminars for health practitioners and physicians:
1. Inflammatory Bowel & Colorectal Cancer Rehabilitation 15-Hour Certification Course: A Revolutionary Approach to Diagnosis and Therapy - Utilizing M2PK Testing, FDH Panel, Other Functional Tests, and an Integration of Holistic and Natural Concepts with Scientific Principles (Natural Functional Medicine)
2. Skin Lesion Evaluation, Education, and Counseling Certification
3. Skin Science – Objective Diagnostic Evaluation and Recommendations for Healthy Skin and Anti-Aging Protocols for Healthy Skin & Other Bodily Systems

Dr. T lectures about 250 times per year on 150 health topics; highlights from the past three years:
-Ten 4-6 hour professional seminars covering in detail various topics in health and medicine
-Three lectures at Google Headquarters (Mountain View, CA): Keep Your Cells Alive & Well, Health Tips from Nepal, Cancer's Elusive Evolution
-Cancer Control Society (lectured to 250 medical doctors)
-Ichilov Hospital (Tel Aviv, Israel) - Presented at a conference on cutting-edge cancer treatment: Early Detection of Colorectal Cancer Through Innovative Science-Based Diagnosis
-Harvard University (Cambridge, MA): Functional and Nutritional Medicine
Dr. T has also lectured at the Silicon Valley Health Institute, San Francisco Commonwealth Club and the Whole Life Expo, where he regularly participates as a panelist and moderator of the Anti-Aging Panel. He participates annually in
the San Francisco Veg Fest, New Orleans Veg Fest, and he has lectured at the North American Vegetarian Society's Festival.

Dr. T organizes and guides groups on Humanitarian Eco-Treks in Nepal & Tropical Thai Retreats, and leads foraging trips in Wisconsin, where he builds Habitat 4 Humanimals™ - an earth-sheltered Eco-Village & Healing Sanctuary.
Dr. T developed several eco-products, including Bio-Active Plant Fraction (BPF) Formulas, Himalayan Sulfur-Rich Black Salt (a factory he built in Nepal to support his Nepali Schools), The Green Bakery - the 1st organic gluten-free
hypoallergenic breads, and The Ecopolitan in Minneapolis - the healthiest ecological restaurant, culinary classes, a clinic, and the Eco-Stay Health Retreat (www.ecopolitan.com).

Dr. T is Founder & Director of several non-profit organizations in the United States, Israel and Nepal:
In the USA:
1. Ecopolitan Eco-Health Community (closed 2023)
2. Bio-Mental Health Foundation
3. Functional & Dental Health Foundation
In Israel:
Israeli Center For Functional Medicine
In Nepal:
Everest Learning Academy (ELA) - a network of schools, community outreaches, orphanages, and child care centers that educate, nurture, and protect more than 16,000 disadvantaged children and orphans in remote Nepali
villages from child trafficking, prostitution, and slavery - see www.Nepali-Children.org

Dr. T's Non-Profit Activities:
-Organizing and guiding humanitarian community Eco-Tourism Treks in Nepal
-Co-founding and consulting with CCODER Nepal Community Health Plan (www.ccoder.org), which benefits 200,000 Nepali people
-Creating non-profit Functional Medicine Centers in foreign countries
-Offering free wilderness medicine in remote, impoverished areas
-Serving on Boards of non-profits & cooperatives
-Creating healing and educational eco-retreats in Minnesota, Nepal, Wisconsin, and Thailand
-Founding America's first urban Eco-Spa (www.RawBeautySpa.com) and Eco-Hostel

Professional Experience:
Founder: The Green Bakery - River Haven, Wisconsin  - The country's first 100% dedicated gluten-free hypoallergenic organic vegan bread (free of all major allergens)
President and CEO: Ecopolitan - Minneapolis, MN (2001-Present)
Ecopolitan Restaurant - 100% organic, plant-based, unprocessed cuisine and winner of many awards
Founder & President: Integrated Healthcare Clinics Inc. - Minneapolis, MN (1994-2001) - Minnesota's first Multi-Disciplinary Integrative Medicine Clinic – housing 24 practitioners under one roof in a unified integrated model of healthcare
Founder & President: Tel-Oren Chiropractic Clinic - Minneapolis, MN (Dec. 1990 – Aug. 1991)
Founder & President: Lyndale Chiropractic Institute - Minneapolis, MN (1991-1994)

M.D. : Medicine, 1996 - Pirogovo Medical Institute - Russian State Medical University Russia; Completed clinical rotations at several hospitals and clinics in the USA in addition to the many University hospitals and forensic medicine centers in Moscow.
D.C. : Chiropractic, 1990 - Northwestern University of Health Sciences; #1 in the class; Received 800 out of 800 in Medical Board Science Exam
M.A. : Masters of Music, Conducting 1987 - University of Texas - El Paso, TX - Completed requirements for Masters of Music in Conducting, plus completed premedical science courses. Played with the El Paso Symphony Orchestra (stringed bass). Conducted & performed internationally as soloist and with vocal and instrumental groups on various musical instruments. Taught music theory, harmony, and music appreciation at the University of Texas (1986-1987). Conducted and arranged music for university choir.
B.A. : Music, 1986 - University of Texas - El Paso, TX - Received highest honors.
Conducted & performed internationally as soloist and with vocal and instrumental groups on various musical instruments; taught many instruments, music theory & harmony, and other topics (history, Hebrew, bible) in schools and universities.

You can contact Dr. T’s office at 612-326-6839, by email at clinic@ecopolitan.com or using the contact form.

** Doctor of Chiropractic: trained & board certified in the USA; graduated class valedictorian and highest scorer of a National Board Medical Science Exam in the entire history of the Chiropractic Profession in the USA - 800 of 800 possible points; licensed by the State Boards of Minnesota and Oklahoma between 1990 and 2001; retired from chiropractic in 2001 to focus on nutritional, functional, and laboratory medicine (but kept updating Minnesota license to honor the profession of chiropractic, despite the retirement from active practice); gave up ("surrendered") this unneeded license in 2009 in order to terminate a tiring, expensive, time-consuming 3-year-long harassment by the Minnesota medical board (pressuring the chiropractic board) after helping the mentally-unhealthy adult son of a powerful medical-political woman in the House of Representatives. This Representative, who had strongly ties with the psychiatric profession and supported the psychiatric drug treatment model that failed her son, was apparently threatened by the natural approach that her son adopted instead; The case was dismissed since the patient himself did not complain (only his combative mother complained!), but was strangely re-opened (an unheard-of occurrence!) 2 years later because of political pressure from the medical board. (full documentation of this case available upon request, now that the patient has contacted Dr. Tel-Oren to apologize for the harm done by his mother and has given his written permission by email to expose the story, 7 years after the fact).

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