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Question: I am seeking some assistance with food prep for my family. My daughter is on the autism spectrum and has many food allergies and sensitivities. She is on a modified diet and the food preparation is too much for me to do on top of all of my other responsibilities.

I am interested in paying someone to prepare some of our food on a weekly basis and also to expand our knowledge of food options, etc. I love the food at your restaurant and thought that one of your staff may be interested in this position.

Answer: First, I would like you to be aware of the many wonderful medical laboratory tests that Functional Medicine has to offer children with developmental issues
(PDD spectrum), but that are often ignored by mainstream allopathic medical-industrial doctors (orthodox approach to disease, addressing symptoms with toxic drugs instead of isolating and treating the causes).

These innovative laboratory tests are based on chemistry and physiology, and have helped doctors such as myself pinpoint the troubles (and solutions) unique to your child, from metabolic dysfunction to genomic (genetic variants) susceptibility, and from toxic exposures to digestive function. The issue of immune reactivity (allergies and sensitivities) can be addressed in depth as well, giving the parents additional information they can use in determining their child's diet. This improves the accuracy of care and its outcome.

The treatment itself involves nutritional supplements that address deficiencies, biological response response modifiers that address functional needs, digestive health products to improve gut ecology and metabolism, metabolic enhancement products that enhance energy production pathways, detoxification programs, functional foods, and elimination of environmental toxins, stress factors, electro-magnetic pollution, and immune irritants.

Having someone from Ecopolitan assist you at your own home is a possibility (you may discuss this with our staff Directors), but it's not advisable or sustainable in the long run. The best approach is to teach you (one-on-one) how to be creative in your own kitchen, so that you can use whatever is in your refrigerator and not rely too heavily on specific ingredients in a recipe.

Our individualized UnCooking Instruction sessions (5 or 6, two hours each, at $50 per hour) can teach you how to convert your entire kitchen into an "Ecopolitan-style" kitchen, allowing you the freedom and independence (and big savings) to make your own foods rapidly and efficiently for the rest of your life! If at ant occasion you don't have the time to make foods at your home, you are welcome to purchase food to go at the Ecopolitan Minneapolis Restaurant, either from the menu or from our pre-made foods (crackers, Eco-Chips pizza crusts,
etc.). You may also pre-order an entire lasagna or any pie or dish from us, to your specifications, and come pick it up!

I hope that you can see this as a more practical way to help your family enjoy EcoRaw cuisine that addresses individual health concerns.

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