ADD/ADHD/AUTISM/PDD Phd Dissertation

The Effect of Biological Treatment on Behavior and Communication of Children on the Autistic Spectrum
Thesis submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy At the University of Natural Medicine, Santa Fe
by Anva Ohn-Bar, M.S. OTR Amirim, Israel May, 2006

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Dr. T's comments: This Dissertation by Anva Ohn-Bar was completed in 2006. New developments in the area of ADD/ADHD treatment since then have increased the success rate of therapy, thanks to the addition of specific diagnostic criteria and new therapeutic products. However, the vast majority of this Dissertation is still extremely relevant and applicable to all types of ADHD and ADD disturbances, and can help many children, parents, and teachers improve sufferers' mental development, education, and quality of life. Additionally, this work includes an excellent summary of the literature about ADD/ADHD, for the public, students, and experts alike.

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