Health Effects of Radio Waves and Microwaves

Just as some people in the same work environment are more resilient to airborne pollution exposures than others, some people don't experience the symptoms associated with electrical pollution as much as others. However, long-term exposure that does not lead to immediate symptoms can still result in cumulative physiological effects that may ultimately cause serious disease. Every person is affected by electrical pollution, but some people are more sensitive, less resilient and therefore more susceptible to health problems associated with high frequency radio waves (this is known in the medical literature as  "radio wave sickness").
  • When initially high electrical pollution level was reduced to a safe level of under 30gsu (millivolt change per second of the higher, polluting frequencies), dramatic improvements in health have been observed in empirical research studies. It has been observed that recovery  or improvement in health are cumulative and may be attained in as little as a few days to weeks, occasionally longer. The greater the cellular dysfunction and the severity or chronicity of the disorder, the longer the recuperation time may be.
  • It has been theorized and illustrated with animal studies that electrical pollution affects so many people in so many different ways because the most prevalent detrimental body currents (radio frequencies) directly impair the immune system. It is believed that these radio frequencies use the bone marrow as their main conducting circuit within the body. The bone marrow is the part of the immune system where antibodies, white blood cells and other essential “germ-fighters” are generated. Removing these radio frequencies reverses this assault on the immune system, thereby allowing the body to restore itself.
  • Physicist Dr. Magda Havas from Trent University in Ontario has shown health improvements for those suffering from diabetes, chronic fatigue, multiple sclerosis and attention deficit with the installation of the filters.

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