Raw Food - Ideal % for Your Child's Health

Question: I bet you get this question alot, how much raw food do "you" eat a day and what do you recommend the percentage young children should have?

I have noticed quite a difference in my child compared to others (tantroms, illnesses, appearance) that eats organic mostly, chicken is the only animal product she eats. Never gets sick, if she picks up a runny nose its gone in a day. And very well behaved. People say luck, I say diet and upbringing. What percentage of raw food would be ideal for children under 5? She eats your foods there! Thank you for providing a great service to MN!



What percent "raw" does any adult animal and its offspring eat in Nature? Human meddling in Nature and human self-appointed superiority does not justify an artificial human decision on what  is or is not "ideal ."

Optimally, we all can be 100% raw food, but this is rare today, and not being "100% raw" is acceptable, as long as the entire concept of cellular health and nutrition is being addressed.

Eating raw food is not the main issue, since it says nothing about what you actually eat  - it only implies that you don't cook your food, without specifying the composition and content of your eating choices. Therefore it's not a "diet". Some  lightly cooked veggies are better for you than raw cacao beans and some seeds in excess are. I don't like "self-appointed gurus" and I don't want to become one. I try to study Nature and interpret her messages for my students and patients, using biochemistry and physiology whenever possible!

I recommend that you come to the Tuesday lectures and get the double-CD, "Should We Cook Our Foods?"  to get more information about this important health topic.

Yours, Dr. T

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