Colon Hydrotherapy with Carol Edel

​Carol Edel's Colon Hydrotherapy office is part of the Eco-Healing Center at the Ecopolitan Building, which is ecological (eCOLONogical...) not only in the items mentioned above but also in the sense that the colon's ecology is thoroughly and positively addressed by the practitioner. Carol Edel has been a Certified Colon Hydrotherapy Practitioner for over 30 yrs. She was originally trained by and worked for a Los Angeles Chiropractor in 1980 and went on to receive her formal Certification from Arizona State Holistic Institute in 1982. Carol continued her career working with 3 Chiropractors at Family Chiropractic Center in Los Angeles until 1987. She then began working independently, when until recently, Carol formally opened her new office in the famous Ecopolitan Restaurant building on Lyndale Ave S. In 1997 she received training from Dr. C. McWilliams at the Jade Academy of Massotherapy and Esthetics in Nevis, Bahamas -- adding Lymphatic Detoxification using Light-Color-Sound Therapy as an adjunct to Colon Hydrotherapy.

Over the past 35 yrs. she has been passionately involved in Holistic Healing, Personal Transformation, Metaphysics and Self Transcendence; participating in ongoing seminars, trainings and workshops. Carol is dedicated to assisting others in their awareness of the foundational necessity of colon cleansing and detoxification, helping them to achieve and maintain maximum health benefits. She provides a comfortable  environment, high quality service, and a sensitivity to the clients' needs. Carol guides clients toward healing through education and prevention, taking into consideration the mind-body-spirit connection unique to each client. Carol looks forward to welcoming you to her new office.
For appoinment please call 952.474.2627 or email caroledel@gmail.com.

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