Pain/Inflammation Management

A feeling of distress, suffering, or agony caused by stimulation of specialized nerve endings.

The sensation we feel as pain is produced through a number of complex biochemical interactions. These interactions can be likened to a battle between the good guys, the body's natural pain relieving force, and the bad guys, the pain producers. When the good guys are winning the battle, we are not bothered by pain. But when the bad guys begin winning, the resulting pain can make us miserable! People who have a higher pain threshold may have a stronger natural pain relieving force. If you are bothered by pain it may be time to call for the nutritional re-enforcements to come to the rescue! Certain nutritional factors protect and support the good guys. They can be invaluable re-enforcements in winning the battle against pain. If you want to win that battle, consider the following information carefully. Your doctor will design the best battle plan for you. Follow that plan closely. Remember: Pain or pain relief may depend on your nutrition!

Acute Pain/Inflammation Management

  • HP 16 Traumatic Injury - 10-15 drops under tongue 3-4 times daily. Acute: 10-15 drops hourly until symptoms subside; then 3-4 times daily. Homeopathic preparation expressly for traumatic injury.
  • Inflavonoid Intensive Care - 4 tablets immediately with a full glass of water, then 2 tablets every half hour until symptoms subside. 3-9 tablets daily until no longer needed.

Anti-inflammatory support.

  • Protrypsin - 5 caplets immediately, then 3-4 every 3 hours between meals on empty stomach.

Select proteolytic enzymes.


  • Inflamase - 5 capsules immediately, then 3-4 every 3 hours between meals on empty stomach.

Where traumatic swelling and/or bruising are present. To be used with Inflavonoid or by itself when acute injury has caused a great deal of tissue damage, inflammation, and lymphatic congestion. (Enzymatically breaks down the accumulation of dead cells/tissues that slows healing and puts pressure on nerve

endings creating pain.)


Chronic Pain/Inflammation Management

The discovery of endorphins and the inhibition of pain transmission by tactile signals has provided a scientific explanation for the effectiveness of such techniques as nutrition, chiropractic care, and acupuncture in the control

of pain.

  • Kaprex® - 1 softgel twice daily
  • Non-responders by day 5 move to 3 softgels daily
  • Time to benefit: Immediate to 10 days.

Kaprex is a clinically tested herbal dietary supplement that provides natural joint relief that is easy on the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. It works by interfering with signals in the body that initiate the production of damaging compounds that cause minor pain and negatively impact cartilage and other joint tissues.

  • EPA-DHA 6:1 - 2 softgels 2-3 times daily with meals. (see EPA-DHA section in appendix)

EPA oil displaces inflammatory substances from tissues, making them unable to react with enzymes that produce pain and inflammation.

  • Trancor - 4 capsules daily

Trancor is formulated to support a sense of tranquility in those who may feel worried or nervous by beneficially modulating the balance between the calming influence of GABA and the excitatory effects of glutamate.

  • Symphora - 2 - 4 tablets daily

Symphora is formulated to promote a positive mood and mental well-being by beneficially modulating

cerebral metabolism of the neurohormone cortisol.

  • Ceralin Forte - 3 capsules daily

Ceralin Forte is formulated to provide well-rounded support for brain and nerve protection, addressing multiple pathways involved in neurological health.


Dietary Suggestions

  • Anti-Inflammatory Diet
  • Avoid pain medication as it causes the following:

1.     bleeding or upset stomach/intestines

2.     bone and cartilage destruction in arthritis

3.     interference with the healing of bones/joints

4.     decreased levels of some of the body's own natural pain relieving agents

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