Alanna's Testimonial

Alanna's Testimonial

I decided to join Dr. T’s Tropical Thailand Healing Retreat and Humanitarian Trek in Nepal because of their exciting and action packed itineraries. I also really loved the fact that my vacation could be relaxing, educational, environmentally sustainable and socially responsible. I can honestly say that as detailed and intriguing as Dr. T’s trip itinerary and anecdotes were they could not have conveyed these country’s stunning beauty or the rich experiences upon which I was about to embark.

In Thailand our excursions in Bangkok and explorations of ancient temples and historical sites were studded with Dr. T’s humor, expert knowledge in health, and Thai and Nepali history. Dinning on everything from authentic Thai food to exotic tropical fruits was delicious! I felt that my overall experience of Thailand was as diverse and authentic as our dinning experiences. We spent time seeing popular tourist attractions in and around the bigger cities but also were privileged to a glimpse into authentic Thai life by visiting active temples and outdoor markets traversed by locals only. Most importantly we spent time at Dr. T’s remote and beautiful healing retreat for learning and relaxing.

In the Hindu Kingdom of Nepal I experienced a similarly rich mixture of modern and rural Nepali life, of “tourist must sees” in Katmandu and trekking without seeing other tourists, and of sublime beauty and intimate cultural interaction. Dr. T’s Humanitarian Trek is in a league of its own. We were truly as sustainable as possible in all our activities yet doing so did not compromise our experience but actually heightened it.

Needless to say beholding the Himalayas as a daily backdrop to our trekking was wonderful.We spent evenings dancing with locals in mountain villages and our nights in home hospitality with families. Like wildflowers, colorfully dressed Nepali children with enchanting smiles confettied our trekking through the earthy terraced mountains.

Our trip was truly enlightening and truly ecologically and socially sustainable and I think the only footprints left behind were on our hearts. Now I have “sisters” in Nepal and “family” to keep in touch with and visit across the Pacific Ocean.I returned home from these trips with a more comprehensive understanding of how to lead a healthy and ecologically sustainable lifestyle. I am certain I will never forget the kind faces and exquisite beauty of these two countries.

Alanna - 2005 trip participant