Ankylosis Spondylitis

Ankylosis Spondylitis is defined as a chronic and generally progressive inflammatory arthritic disease affecting the spinal joints and adjacent connective tissues. Also called "Marie Strumpell Disease." This appears to be a disease mainly of young men aged 10-30 years old. It seems to have a genetic component, as it is seen in male relatives and especially in patients with histocompatibility complex HLA-B27 (who have a 300 times greater risk of developing AS, particularly in white men). The etiology is unknown. It is seen throughout the world.

Conventional treatment does not stop the progression of the disease. Stretching exercises and careful adherence to correct posturing are absolutely required to maintain as much mobility as possible over time. Occasionally surgery is used to replace a badly affected joint or to straighten the spine.

Ankylosis Spondylitis Symptoms

  • Initial Symptoms: Low back pain especially in sacroiliac and lumbar areas (may appear to be sciatic pain); stiffness on awakening; nocturnal pain; and stiffness causing insomnia.
  • Advanced Disease: Pain spreads up spine often into the mid-back and neck; hips and shoulders may also be involved (1/3 of patients); fatigue; weight loss and anorexia; slight anemia; muscle stiffness or

cramping; pain breathing or decreased ability to draw in deep breath; limited mobility of spine, bent-over stance, increased dorsal kyphosis, waddling gait; normal neurologic examination; chronic iritis.

  • Joints Affected: Sacroiliac (nearly always); general spinal from neck to lumbar (always, eventually); hips

(often); shoulders (often); peripheral joints (rarely).


Suggested Ankylosis Spondylitis Nutritional Supplementation

  • UltraInflamX® - 2 scoops twice daily.
    Medical food for inflammation and biotransformation
  • Follow either the Modified Elimination Diet or the Anti-Inflammatory Diet
  • Kaprex® - 1 softgel twice daily
    • Non-responders by day 5 move to 3 softgels daily
    • Time to benefit: Immediate to 10 days.
    • Kaprex is a clinically tested herbal dietary supplement that provides natural joint relief that is easy on the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. It works by interfering with signals in the body that initiate the production of damaging compounds that cause minor pain and negatively impact cartilage and other joint tissues.
  • EPA-DHA 6:1TM Enteric Coated - 2 softgels three times daily.
    EPA-DHA 6:1 Enteric Coated omega 3 fatty acids providing a ratio appropriate for patients with chronic inflammatory conditions.
  • Iso D3TM - 1 tablet three times daily.
    Iso D3 delivers 2,000 IU of Vitamin D3 with Isoflavones that may help facilitate the body's utilization of vitamin D3 for enhanced health benefits.

If there is a soy sensitivity use:

  • D3 1000TM - 2 microtablets three times daily. 
    Bioactive Vitamin D in a microtablet delivery form.

Ankylosis Spondylitis Dietary Suggestions

  • Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Ankylosis Spondylitis Exercise Considerations

The object of exercise is to build up muscle groups that oppose the direction of potential deformities (i.e. to strengthen extensor rather than flexor muscle groups).


Spondylitis Exercise

1.                  Lie on back with hands behind head; bend at knees and draw them up to abdomen; then raise feet with some force; relax and lower them

2.                  Lying on back, stretch out with arms over head; use momentum of arms to raise to a sitting position

3.                  Lying face down, extend arms to sides then lift them over back as though flying

4.                  Standing, do neck range of motion exercises slowly

5.                  Standing, lean to right then left, bending slowly at trunk

6.                  Repeat each of the above exercise 10 times, once or twice a day

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