High Protein Raw Food Recipes

Question: Could you guide me on the Ecopolitan restaurant menu (I see it online) as to dishes or specific ingredients with higher protein?

Answer: Remember, Nancy, that protein in even moderate amounts is potentially toxic. The body needs a lot less than what the meat and dairy industries have led you to believe.

The menu items are all wholesome foods with plenty of user-friendly protein (amino acids) in the amounts prescribed by mother Nature. The entrees and appetizers items that are high in nuts and seeds, whole grain (sprout buckwheat), legumes (lentils, garbanzos/chick peas), and mushrooms are all protein-rich and should therefore be eaten less frequently (no more than once a day)  in conjunction with fresh fruits and veggies.

Also, greens (kale, collards, parsley, etc.), found in our salads and in the Eco-Green Smoothies/Green Savories, are all rich in amino acids balanced with minerals and other nutrients, so they can be eaten without limitations.

My lecture about proteins will occur again soon, and I recommend highly that you attend (or get the CD), to get the big picture!

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