Amazing Tropical Retreat and Himalayan Adventure

This newsletter will surprise you with in-depth articles about an unforgettable Nepal and Sri Lanka extravaganza, and about Functional Medicine. Also, get up-to-date news about recent and upcoming events and activities at Ecopolitan Communities around the world!

1. Three Weeks, Two South Asian Countries, One trip of a Lifetime!"

A pristine tropical beach on the Indian Ocean with kayaks, young coconuts, and group activities... a Himalayan trek with magnificent views to the Roof Of The World and delicious vegan food... rafting down a famous Nepali tributary of the Ganges River... You will see many amazing things, learn a lot about the world, gain crucial health insights (and vitamin D), and have more fun than you though was possible, if you join this adventure with Dr. T as your guide! Your winter will shrink dramatically as you prepare mentally for this trip, and you will spend it getting in shape, with Dr. T's help! Click here to read more...

2. Functional Medicine is not "just another branch of medicine" - it is relatively new, and is often misunderstood. This is not good, especially when doctors decide to "dabble" at it, making claims and clinical decisions that are not based on the scientific principles and pure intentions that have created Functional Medicine in the first place... Dr. T's new article sets the record straight and gives a clear explanation of what this Medicine of The future is all about, in the first of a series of articles about the current strengths and weaknesses of functional medicine and its practitioners. Click here to read more!

3. Novadermy is the best Facial Rejuvenation procedure out there, taking 7-15 years OFF YOUR FACE permanently, in just 10 days! Dozens of ladies (and a few men) who have done it in recent years have experienced its benefits. Hundreds more have enjoyed the results of Novadermy in the past 30 years (with many before-and after pictures at www.Novadermy.com) - and now YOU can benefit as well, by joining the group starting January 11. If you even considered toxic, invasive, disfiguring, face-altering, risky, unsatisfactory, short-lasting procedures that cost too much, consider this non-surgical, safe approach to removing lines, blemishes, wrinkles, excess skin, sagging skin - while dramatically improving the skin's circulation, plumpness, smoothness, and youthfulness, permanently!!

Check out the pictures, audio clips, articles, and testimonials at www.novadermy.com

4. The Global Ecopolitan Eco-Health Network and Dr. T have been very busy this Autumn! Many exciting projects are under way, and special events are piling up... Dr. T's Sustainable Building Design and construction of multi-unit community housing in Nature, Foraging trips in Wisconsin and Portland, new patent and trademarks for health improvement and sustainability, promotions of completely new cutting-edge products in America and elswhere, Thanksgiving events, Eco-Movie nights, many lectures in 3 continents, climbing Kilimanjaro (and Mt. St. Helens), researching nutrition practices of natives in East Africa, and expanding the Ecopolitan Communities in many locations are just a part of what's going on... For the whole scoop, stay tuned, you'll get it all (with pictures) in the next Ecopolitan Times (as an appetizer, here are pictures from the Mt St Helens climb 2+weeks ago).

Ecopolitan is growing fast, because it is a concept that fulfills a real need for truthful, thoughtful, accurate health and nutrition information, without over-simplification and self-serving marketing tactics. The communities around the country that benefit from this growth and enable it are a testimony to the perseverance of people with intelligence and integrity who will not allow sand to be thrown in their eyes. Thank you for helping society resist and reverse the "dumbing-down" health and wellness marketing that overwhelms the Internet. Our Eco-Health Network is inspired to make a difference because of your teneciousness and committment to excellence.

Yours In Eco-Health, the Ecopolitan Team

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