Blemish Removal

Skin Growth and Blemish Removal
Gentle, Non-surgical, Painless, Esthetic
Performed by Doctor Adiel Tel-Oren, MD (Europe), DC (Ret.), CCN

What are Skin Growths and Blemishes?

  • Moles – pigmented or non-pigmented protrusions (from neurological irritation or solar exposure)
  • Skin tags – pigmented or non-pigmented thin-based protrusions (usually from hormonal imbalance)
  • Senile hemangiomas – small to large red “blood blisters” (usually from capillary fragility & damage)
  • Keratoses – hard scaly protrusions (many types - age and sun related), occasionally pre-malignant
  • Various other skin lesions can be treated as well, upon evaluation and diagnosis by the doctor
  • Many moles are congenital (from birth) as birthmarks are – & cancer often starts within them!

Why Skin Blemishes Removal?


No scarring, pitting, or regrowth in the vast majority of cases. Excellent results on the face.


Reduced risk of skin cancer. No more watching of your moles for dangerous changes, when riskier invasive (& scarring) procedures become justified.


Reduced neurological irritation to the brain and spinal cord from the growth 


No more catching of moles on clothing or jewelry.


Usually requires only a single treatment lasting a few minutes. No cutting, stitching, scalding or freezing, with their risk of infection & scars.


In rare cases of regrowth or incomplete results, no charge for retreatment.


Blemish Removal Cost, Further Details

Blemish Removal Cost

Discounts for multiple removals in one session. 
All fees donated to educational and environmental charities.


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Skin Mole and Blemish Removal - Instructions for the Patient

Skin Mole and Blemish Removal - Instructions for the Patient:

Before Treatment

  1. Please relax. The treatment is safe, effective, and essentially painless.
  2. Show your skin growths and blemishes to Dr. Tel-Oren. He will decide how many can be removed in one session, and which ones are most medically urgent to remove. In rare cases, he might refer you to a skin specialist.
  3. After examining you, Dr. Tel-Oren will tell you the cost of the treatment. You can then decide whether to proceed.
  4. If you proceed, Dr. Tel-Oren will gently apply medication to the growth or blemish. Please hold still! You will feel a slight burning sensation, like a mosquito bite, lasting a few minutes.

After Treatment

  1. First 12 hours: Please keep the treated area dry (no shower)! In the first 2 - 3 hours, the treated area will shrink and change color, usually paler with a reddish halo (hyperemic reaction). The blood supply to the area is constricting, causing the undesired cells to die. After 12 hours, you can shower briefly, but avoid prolonged immersion in water (no sink, bath, swimming pool) until the scab falls off.
  2. After 3 -5 days: A hard scab will form on the treated area. Do not rub, scratch, or pick it. (After showering, gently pat it dry.) If you pull off the scab before it is ready, a new scab will form, but healing will be delayed. If it itches, apply a cold pack or ice in a plastic bag. Keep it dry!
  3. After 10 - 15 days (deeper, flat pigmented lesions may take longer): The scab will fall off naturally, leaving smooth new skin. If the mole regrows (very rare), there is no charge for retreatment.

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