Natural Mole Removal

Question: I have a mole on my face (near my nose) since I was born. It has not changed, but it sometimes itches. Is there any risk involved with keeping it? I don't particularly like it, and others have commented on it occasionally or just stared at it...
Answer: Even congenital moles (skin growths that have been there since birth) that have not changed are potentially much riskier than normal skin, in terms of the chance of developing skin cancer. This is especially true with pigmented moles, but a non-pigmented mole can become malignant as a result of excessive local exposure, inappropriate diet, and insufficient vitamin D production or intake. The best way to address these skin moles is to have them treated before they exhibit any ominous characteristics (size, asymmetry, color variation, abnormal sensations, irregular borders) or changes that might necessitate a painful, scarring, potentially disfiguring surgery. The best treatment is non-surgical, utilizing Modified TCA 85%, which leaves no scars and involves no pain (even children can easily withstand the procedure, which takes a few minutes).

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