October 2015 Thailand Retreat

Authentic Thailand - Tropical Fruit, Vegan Thai Cuisine, and Beachfront Retreat - October 16-22, 2015

7 days with Dr. T, plus his revolutionary Vmix Bone & Muscle Strength & Toning Routine!
This adventure starts immediately prior to Dr. T's Humanitarian Eco-Trek in Nepal (October 22-November 3) - both trips can be combined to introduce 2 countries instead of one, for the same long flight...

Day 1: Arrival at BKK airport and transport to our Great Residence Hotel. Relax, acclimate, and swim in the pool until the rest of the group arrives.  Eat a light plant-based Thai dinner (several choices off the menu) in the hotel's restaurant.  Late in the evening, we have a short discussion about Thai history and culture.  We then discuss the benefits of a 4-day Tropical Seasonal Local Fruit Feast, as well as list the potential challenges with such a feast (in some situations) and how to avoid them.

Day 2: After breakfast (7:30AM) in our hotel (steamed vegetables, seasonal fruit or both) we drive about one hour to Ayutthaya - Thailand's ancient capital during its golden days.  We learn more about Thailand, and visit several specially-selected unique temple-ruins (out of many thousands in that ancient city) that together have been designated a World Heritage Site. 
At lunch (a picnic at a temple boasting a beautiful outdoors reclining Buddha image) we officially start our 4-day Tropical Fruit Feast.
After lunch, we drive (30 minutes) to arrive around 2:30PM at Bang Pa-In, the site of the royal family's Summer Palace, and enjoy the gardens and architecture of that eclectic attraction for about 2 hours.  We return to our hotel to have our fruit dinner at the poolside, and get introduced to the benefits of Vmix - a revolutionary 5-minutes exercise for vibrance, toning, sculpting, and strengthening muscles without any equipment, while sitting or standing!  

Day 3: After our 7:30AM fruit-breakfast at the hotel, we drive (one hour) to central Bangkok in order to tour some amazing ancient royal temples that are a must-see for anyone visiting Thailand.  We cross the famous Chao Phraya river (the River of the Kings) by a local ferry to see and climb up the Tample of Dawn (Wat Arun). 
We then drive towards our destination Beach Resort in Chantaburri Province, stopping for lunch at a traditional basket-weaving center with a small "bamboo-weaving museum" boasting "the World's Largest Weaved Basket" and a nice gift-shop with many hand-made local crafts.
We arrive at the beach resort just before sunset, and go to the beach for our first Standing Vmix session together.  After that, while still on the sandy beach, the group members will learn from Dr. T about the scientifically-proven benefits of Meditation for Health & Energy, and practice a short session of meditation together after sunset, before eating our dinner.

Day 4: We start the morning with an optional short Vmix session and/or a short walk on the beach (at 7AM), followed by a fruit-breakfast at the resort (7:30AM).  We then go sightseeing around Chantaburri Provice: We walk (45 minutes on an easy boardwalk) inside a unique mangrove forest at a nearby lagoon, then visit a typical Thai market near the province capital's downtown, then go on a nature trail (about 45-minute walk on hilly terrain - optional) within a national park boasting beautiful waterfalls with natural swimming pools and many fish that can be fed by the visitors.  Afterwards, we drive to a secluded beach within another national park for a swim and an optional walk uphill (10 minutes) for a gorgeous sunset view, with additional 20 minutes of up-and-down narrow trails for great ocean-and-islands views at dawn.  Return to the Resort for (optional) meditation on the beach or Vmix and dinner.

Day 5: A day on the beach at our resort, Vmix (sitting and advanced variations) exercises and relaxing, meditating (optional), enjoying our seasonal fruits (especially the young coconuts!), talking about health and nutrition and about cutting-edge lab tests, plus about the Palaeolithic lifestyle with implications to modern times!

Day 6: After breakfast and Vmix activities on the beach, we relax a bit and then break our Tropical Fruit Feast with an AMAZING traditional satisfying vegan Thai lunch MADE IN FRONT OF US - to teach the visitors how to prepare delicious vegan Thai cuisine, including ingredients and recipes. 
After lunch, we say good-bye to the resort, and start our drive back to our Bangkok hotel, stopping on the way in serene hillside Thai Temple and perhaps (time-permitting) a real fruit farm. 
Dinner at the hotel (similar to Day 1), or finishing the fruits left over...and group-summary of the entire Thai experience at the evening (your feedback is appreciated!).

Day 7: After breakfast at the hotel, we are transported to the airport for departure in accordance with our individual flight time (those who leave later can relax at the pool or at their room until departure).

The group members who join the life-transforming Nepali Community & Children Humanitarian Eco-Trek will go with Dr. T to the airport and travel together to Kathmandu (Nepal's capital) - a 3-hour flight - to start the unique, authentic, humanitarian, off-the-beaten-path Nepal Experience of A Lifetime...

Package Price - Thailand Adventure Only:  $1,650 

If participant participates in both the Nepal and Thailand trips there will be $255 discount - making the Thailand portion $1,395

Both Trips: $4,545

Please remember...the package fee does NOT include airfare

For trip payment information please visit here.