Detecting Prostate Cancer

Question: I have a biofeedback client with a huge prostate gland who is told he needs to go through a biopsy. He is scared to death. I told him about the AMAS test to detect early cancer without surgery. Is there anything else he should do? He is on medication for the enlarged prostate.

Answer: Your client needs to do a FREE PSA and a TOTAL PSA test, in order to determine the ration between them (PSA stands for Prostate-Specific Antigen, which is found in the patient's blood serum). This test is much more specific to prostate cancer in comparison with the regular (and popular) PSA test. I would do this in addition to the AMAS test, which is not specific, as it reveals the presence of any cancer, anywhere in the body. If he avoided ALL animal foods (including all dairy products, cheese and yogurt included!) for 3 weeks and took prostate-specific supplements (highly-absorbed zinc, lycopenes, saw palmetto, and others) the inflammation may be reduced noticeably, and his health will improve in general. I have seen drastic reductions in PSA findings within several weeks in many of my patients. Tell him the prostate is a vegan gland! If the findings do not indicate the presence of prostate cancer, or if there is rapid improvement in a short time, then a surgery can be avoided while progress is being made and monitored

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