Holistic Science: Effective or Placebo Effect?

Some of my patients occasionally speak with their friends who happen to be allopathic doctors (orthodox medical-industrial doctors) about their medical care for chronic medical conditions (with which they had no good results until using functional medicine). These medical friends often claim in response that there is "no science" in the practice of non-allopathic health practitioners and attribute any improvement to "placebo." Is it so?

I would like to suggest to any such doctors (who have been trained by the very profitable industries that depend on the status quo) that they start reading the scientific literature that they have so expertly been taught to ignore. If they make such blanket statements, it is their duty to prove they are correct, by showing a comprehensive literature search to be devoid of scientific evidence that supports cellular / nutritional / biochemical / orthomolecular (functional) approaches to medicine. I challenge them to do so!

Also, it is their duty to prove that THEY have good science on their side (this they can't do because 99% of the "science" they rely on is biased and manufactured by "scientists for hire" or employees or beneficiaries of drug corporations). Even if the science they use were not distorted or purchased by industrial self-interest groups, it is insufficient because of lack of toxicological data, drug interaction, long-term effects, and other sequela that are often untested or hidden by the manufacturers and their proxies.

If they had good science, hundreds of thousands of Americans would not have died every year as a direct consequence of their drug prescriptions, and millions others would not have become severely ill or debilitated! And if they must invoke the placebo effect, they must have no respect for placebo-controlled studies in any field contradicting or questioning their corporate sponsors' hegemony! If 35% of all patient improvement can be attributable to placebo, as they state, are they not poisoning 35% of their patients with toxic drugs just to claim success based on a placebo effect?

Additionally, placebo-related improvement is usually short term (the patient gets used to the "novelty' of  seeing a new doctor or receiving a new treatment). This effect is mostly seen as effective in acute conditions, where both the condition and the placebo are temporary. In chronic disease, placebo has no long-term effect.

Therefore, it is hypocritical and misleading of doctors to invoke placebo as the reason for improvement in natural medicine, where most conditions treated are chronic, and where allopathic drug-based treatment offers no cure while causing toxicity, new symptoms, and new diseases (even death!) without fail!

How placebo is manipulated by pharmaceutical-companies sponsored researchers to make their drugs appear "better than placebo" is another discussion altogether... Drugs are necessary to save lives in special situations of acute nature and obvious severity (if you, J., became highly suicidal suddenly, I would recommend severe, toxic drug treatment temporarily, to save your life). But the drug companies and their distributors (allopathic doctors) will have very little work (=little profits for mega-corporations, medical schools, practitioners, share-holders, and the media) and very little social importance if they only treated such acute or severe conditions.

So they have developed an entire industry surrounding chronic disease management to increase their own significance and commercial status. They intentionally ignore the toxicological, environmental, and nutritional causes of numerous chronic medical disorders, pretending to "not know" about these causes, despite many thousands of scientific studies linking them to these disorders.

As long as you call a disease "idiopathic" (admitting you don't know how it started), you can treat it as an "externally induced entity" and address it with toxic artificial drugs (as you would an acute infection with antibiotics), avoiding any investigation and elimination of the known potential causes! This also fits the insurance model in the USA, whereby specific procedures and treatments are rewarded based on specific "diagnoses" - man-made names given to symptoms to expedite payment.

These names often become meaningless when the factors causing disease are effectively and scientifically isolated and addressed, allowing the body to heal itself, removing the symptoms and improving function. Such an improvement can be very threatening to the industrial-medical complex, which relies on "permanent" diagnosis and highly-profitable (patented, expensive, requiring frequent monitoring for toxicity and side effects, and causing new chronic, profitable diseases!) treatment of "incurable" chronic conditions.

When "incurable" arthritis, depression, hypertension, diabetes, and cardiovascular diagnoses are naturally reversed, the established "experts" are exposed, demonstrating orthodox tunnel-vision, ignorance, laughable ego, power-hunger, greed, and archaic thinking (their world is still flat...).

The only thing they can do is make general assumptions about "placebo effect" reversing all these chronic diseases, which "suddenly" and "spontaneously" went into permanent remission after years of failed toxic disease management, that was evidently unable to elicit sufficient placebo effect but succeeded in predictably poisoning and killing millions of Americans every year...

When the diseases disappear, the diagnosis disappears with it, and the entire chain of power and profit suffers a devastating domino-effect, which must be prevented at all cost, justifying bold claims, deception, distortion, subterfuge, illogical statements, double standards, vicious attacks against the threat's sources, and unsupported, misleading "scientific data"...

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