Overcoming Resistance to Holistic Medicine

Overcoming Resistance to Nutritional, Environmental, Preventive, Functional Medicine

Question: My 9 year old daughter has chronic recurring urinary tract infection, and has been under medical care (antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs) for many years, without success. I want to try another approach, but my husband's parents are medical doctors and they resist any alternative approach. I would like to have a consultation with you for examination and diagnosis, but first I must overcome their resistance. How should I approach them?

Answer: I'll be happy to assist you. The approach of functional medicine is not in any way a part of what most people call "alternative medicine" - it is entirely Western science-based and it is practiced by thousands of medical doctors who are disillusioned with the allopathic (drug and surgery) approach because of its failure to properly address the growing epidemics of chronic disease. They know first-hand about the insufficient scientific evidence to justify most allopathic methods, especially with daily newspapers exposure of corruption in drug companies and their "researchers" and inefficient regulation by the collapsing FDA. And they know that the drugs they used to prescribed never really cured anybody with chronic disease, only managed symptoms (at best), often aggravated the condition (at times causing a self-limiting disease to become chronic, as in childhood ear infections and perhaps other recurring infections) or simply caused new conditions because of toxic overload and drug-induced faulty metabolism (as in HRT and almost all artificial drugs)... Therefore, any "resistance" by orthodox, narrow-minded allopaths who refuse to face the fact that the Earth is no longer flat, should be met with a challenge:
  1. "What has YOUR approach done for my daughter and thousands like her so far?"
  2. "for how long should we keep poisoning our daughter with the hope that she would somehow become strong enough to heal her own immune system and healthy enough to overcome her chronic recurring infections? Where is the science that support this approach?"
  3. "Based on the scientific evidence, you would be wiser to keep quiet or attend science-based seminars to learn a new approach that is REALLY scientific, non-toxic, and holistic in that it addresses the WHOLE individual's biochemistry and physiology..."
I assure you that there are scientific methods (uninfluenced by the major drug corporations) that improve immune function naturally, reduce the likelihood of UTI (urinary tract infections), and analyze the factors that can compromise the body's resistance to disease. This factors are often environmental and nutritional, sometimes with a minor genetic propensity that can be overcome. And one of the proven major factors adversely affecting children's long-term health, besides dietary and nutritional considerations, is the utilization of potent toxic chemicals (prescription drugs). The science of holistic diagnosis and targeted treatment is the best option you have in addressing the underlying causes and mechanisms of disease. 

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