EMF Cancer risk

Question: Is there a cancer risk with EMF?

“Residential electrical wiring safety practices in the US result in the possibility of a small voltage (up to a few tenths of a volt) on appliance surfaces with respect to water pipes or other grounded surfaces.  This “open circuit voltage” (Voc) will cause “contact current” to flow in a person who touches the appliance and completes an electrical circuit to ground.  This paper presents data suggesting that contact current due to Voc is an exposure that may explain the reported associations of residential magnetic fields with childhood leukemia.”

“The Possible Role of Contact Current in Cancer Risk Associated With Residential Magnetic Fields” by R. Kavet, L. E. Zaffanella, J. P. Daigle, and K. L. Ebi, published in “Bioelectromagnetics 21:538-553 (2000).

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