PDD Tests and Treatment

Question: A parent to a PDD child is interested in doing functional laboratory tests in order to get more information and suggest healing alternatives. I offered her the OAT  and the toxic elements but she wanted to know if there is a test which can give more information both on the PDD problem and on vaccination. Is the Detoxi-Genomic test suitable for this purpose? Would it give her also info regarding the vaccination? She was also asking if you know of a neurologist who treats these children in both ways allopathic (orthodox) and functional?

Answer: Both the OAT test and the heavy metals test are very specific with their findings, so they don't lead to other tests necessarily (with the exception of the stool test, that can find the type of fungus/bacteria indicated by the OAT, although it's usually not required).

The detoxygenomic (with MTHFR add-on, which is important for evaluating methylation capabilities, necessary for multiple functions including detoxigfication) is a good additional test with non-overlapping information that can be used for life (the knowledge is good forever, since the genetics don't change within the individual). It can help (together with the OAT test) to isolate the weaknesses of the child, including the ability to get rid of heavy metals like mercury (and that is the main relevance to thimerosal-containing vaccination). Vaccines are non-specific with their ingredients, so they will always be an unknown in their effect on the immune system and on the nervous system.

Regarding treatment: It's impossible to treat the child "using both ways" - they contradict each other (the allopathic approach simply adds toxins for symptomatic care that does not work, and offers no hope, whereas the functional approach addresses causes and avoids artificial toxic drugs).

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