Why Eco-Adventures?

Yes to Kilimanjaro, no to Drugs; Bacteria, Virus, Mold & Fungus Revolution

In this newsletter you will discover:
  1. Revolutionary NEW scientific method to prevent serious illnesses and degenerative diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, and fungus that colonize our bodies because of modern living.
  2. Personal account of Dr. T's trip to Tanzania, learning about indigenous human nutrition and African wildlife, and his record speed climb up Kilimanjaro without using toxic altitude sickness drugs.
  3. The inspiration and purpose behind Dr. T's Eco-Adventures.
  4. Photos from the latest Sri Lanka/Nepal adventure
  5. How to join Dr. T in an African safari and climb up Kilimanjaro (the highest peak in Africa!) using Dr. T's new system to prevent altitude sickness

1. We feel invigorated and healthier whenever we walk in Nature and unknowingly inhale the active volatile entities produced by plants. As we study their well-published, scientifically validated crucial and all-encompassing health benefits, we have no choice but to acknowledge that specifically-combined pure volatile plant actives - which are the single validated active molecules that give essential oils their good reputation - are filling a conspicuous void within the myriad of health-care and self-care approaches available today. Derived from carefully fractionated organic plant distillates that are expertly selected for their proven potent physiological actions, Bioactive Plant Fraction™ therapy is as important to our health as exercise, detoxification, stress-relief, and wholesome food. It is safe to say that the absence of these "healing doses of Nature" precludes us from being truly healthy - as members of a modern society that is crowded, polluted, immunologically-suppressed, nutritionally-depleted, emotionally-stressed, microbiologically-overwhelmed... Click here to read more...

2. Dr. T's trip to Tanzania proved to be an incredible adventure and valuable learning experience. His tales of encounters with wild animals in their natural habitat illuminate the fascinating ways in which animals adapt for survival. His investigation of indigenous diets, including that of the last remaining hunter gatherers, provides rare insight into what really constitutes optimal health as opposed to mere survival. Additionally, Dr. T reveals his purely nutritional approach to altitude sickness, which allowed him to remain drug-free during his record 41 hour climb up the Kilimanjaro. Click here to read more!

3. It's true that Dr. T is incredibly busy with various activities and projects, including various clinics in and out of the USA, the expanding international Ecopolitan Eco-Health Network, web-based projects, inventions, local and international lectures, writing, consulting, and the newly-opened Green Bakery. With all this on his plate and more, it is surprising to many people that instead of taking a personal vacation once in a while, he chooses to lead groups on adventures around the world. Although it may appear to be workaholism at first glance, there is a more meaningful (and "devious") motivation behind these activities. Click here to read more!

4. The latest Eco-Adventure in Sri Lanka and Nepal turned out to be an incredible, action-packed affair full of learning, leisure, rare opportunities, and excitement. We swam in the beautiful Indian Ocean in a resort in Sri Lanka, underwent two boot camps to physically prepare for the trek in Nepal, shopped 'til we dropped in the colorful streets of Kathmandu and Pokhara, learned about health and nutrition, trekked for five days up to Poon Hill, where we beheld the sun rising above the spectacular Himalayan giants, visited Hindu and Buddhist temples, went on a safari elephant ride, and bathed with elephants! Click to see the photos here...

5. Do you want to be a part of the FIRST VEGAN group to summit the mighty Kilimanjaro without using toxic drugs? Do you want to learn how to prevent altitude sickness NATURALLY? To join our leisurely, safe trek up Africa's highest point, and see the last remaining glaciers on the Equator before they completely melt away, click here for details and full itinerary..

Yours In Eco-Health, the Ecopolitan Team

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