Tropical Thailand Tour & Healing Retreat

Tropical Thailand Tour - October 30- November 7, 2006

Amazing Temples, Nature, Tropical Fruits, Bodywork -  a Healing & Education Retreat with Dr. T
9 Days including 3 days in Bangkok and 5 days in a Remote Paradise! 
Off the Beaten Path!
Itinerary (Spring tours can be combined with our 14-day Himalayan Rhododendron Bloom Trek in Nepal, while Authomn tours may be combined with our 13 dayHumanitarian Trek in Nepal. Combining both events entitles you to a substantial combined discount of $350, plus rewards your very long flight to Asia with a thorough encounter of TWO very different countries instead of just one!)
Day 1: Arrive in tropically-warm Bangkok (Oct 30) and set-up in our nice hotel (Royal River Hotel, on the Chao Phraya river). Refresh yourself from the long flight at the swimming pool, before meeting the group for Dinner.
Day 2: Explore important Bangkok sites (Wat Phra Kaeo and The Grand palace, Wat Pho, river ferry to Wat Arun).
Day 3: Early morning travel to famous Ayutthaya (90 minutes North of Bangkok), the ancient capital of Thailand, where numerous ruins of old Buddhist temples eerily loom over the terrain. Visit some of the most renowned temples and ruins in the area (Wat Yai Chai Mongkhon, Wat Phanan Choeng, Wat Phra Mahathat, Wat Na Phra Mehn, & Wat Lokayasutharam), as well as the beautiful Bang Pa-In summer palace.  Return to Bangkok’s River City (a large riverside mall featuring a large variety of Thai arts and crafts), and enjoy a river taxi (boat) ride up the river directly to the hotel.
Day 4: A long drive to our Kanchanaburi Tropical Retreat, punctuated by refreshing stops at the famous Bridge On The River Kwai (where we have a riverside lunch and walk on the bridge), the surreal Tiger Cave Temple nestled on a forested hill, and at natural hot spring pools, built by the Japanese during WW II. We briefly stop at one or two local markets on the way, to stock up on exotic fresh tropical fruits, and arrive at the Tropical Healing Retreat just before dark.
Days 5, 6, 7: At the Healing Retreat: YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO RELAX! Enjoy paradise’s delicious, satisfying fruitsHike surrounded by jungle-covered mountains and simple agricultural villages. Seek quiet contemplation with a breathtaking view.Rest under the soothing sunshine and enjoy cool showers (outdoors! Use of bathing suit is optional) from collected rain-water. Take a short drive to bathe in aninvigorating stream and pick papayas from nearby groves (if available). Meditateor practice yoga or tai chi with your new friends or solo. If you wish, play board games and participate in a lively discussion or subtle sharing of self, to your heart’s content.  Experience a free Thai massage session with a certified Thai masseuse. Receive (as needed) Western bodywork from Dr. Tel-Oren, who will provide informal education and answer general questions about health, nutrition, metabolism, physical conditioning, and prevention of injuries and disease. Travel to the Burmese(Myanmar) border and take a few steps into that country, and browse Pilok, a border town and market. Tour a mountainous Thai national park bragging beautiful landscapes and unique tree-houses. Most importantly, your relationship with food will evolve, as you experience the benefits of fresh tropical fruits.
Day 8: We enjoy the trip back to Bangkok, stopping at the Thong Pha Phoom city market to browse Burmese art and craft stores.  On the way, we stop for a shortelephant ride in the forest, and then visit a roadside waterfalls park (Sai Yok Noi) where we can taste delicious traditional Thai snacks. Afterwards, we hike 25-30 minutes (each way) through a sparse jungle interspersed with bamboo thickets to explore the large, undeveloped (slippery!) Wangbadan cave. During the evening we have a short walk around the oldest Buddhist temple in Thailand, the Great Pagoda of Nakhon Pathom (Wat Phra Pathom Chedi), and then return to our Bangkok hotel.
Day 9 (Nov 7): Transport to Bangkok International Airport and departure.
NOTE: All meals provided are delicious, satisfying, vegan Thai cuisine (hotel breakfast buffet includes non-vegan items, which are not recommended). For your safety, hygiene, lifestyle preferences, and to save time, all organized restaurant meals will be selected for the group by the well-informed guides. Any additional/extra food items and any drinks and snacks purchased individually by group members may pose health risks. We don’t recommend and will not provide drinks while eating food (safe drinking water will be provided, in reusable bottles only).
During the 4 nights at Tropical Retreat, food will consist entirely of nutritious, cleansing tropical fruits of unlimited quantity, unless health considerations dictate otherwise. A short transition period (incorporating tropical fruits into the meals during the preceding 2 days) can be helpful. Accommodations are in rustic bungalows with no electricity (flashlights are recommended). Water for showers and cleaning will be available from rain that has been collected in large containers. Drinking water will be provided. Wherever possible, ecologically-sound practices will be followed.
Group Leader: Adiel Tel-Oren ("Dr. T"), MD, DC, CCN, DACBN, DABOM - Holistic physician, licensed nutritionist, and Thai traveler. Dr. Tel-Oren (“Dr. T”) - will share insights about Thailand’s history, culture, geography & the sites visited.

More Information About The Tropical Thai Retreat

  • Take a look at the amazing pictures from previous tropical thai retreats.
  • visit this page for a list of what to bring and how to prepare for this trip, and/oror fill the contact form. If necessary, Call Dr. T’s assistant at 612-870-2974.
  • Meet other travelers and Dr. T to receive information, discuss eco-tourism concepts, and learn preventive health measures pertaining to the trip, Sunday, October 22, 2006, 7 PM at Ecopolitan Restaurant (upstairs at meeting room), 2409 Lyndale Ave South, Minneapolis. Bring your questions, and try some excellent vegan cuisine!


$1675 Payment in full prior to October 15, 2006.

$1725 after October 15, 2006.

Economic hardship discount is available

$300 non-refundable deposit will hold your reservation.

Includes all accommodations, meals, transportation, attractions, guides, Thai massage, manual treatments, & nutrition education, except: Roundtrip airfare to Bangkok (see recommended travel agent below), insurance (optional), BKK departure tax (approx. $13), tips ($20-30), personal snacks, personal beverages, and gifts (optional). Cost assumes double occupancy of hotel rooms and bungalows. Single hotel room is $150 extra, subject to availability (not applicable to bungalows).
To join the tour, fill the registration form.
You should make roundtrip airline reservations to Bangkok (Arriving October 30, 2006) as soon as possible. Tell Joycee at Melrose Travel (toll-free 1-866-722-6440 or email cheapfare@aol.com) that you are joining the Tropical Thai Retreat.  She also has information about (optional) overseas health / travel insurance, and will help you combine this Retreat with the Nepal Eco-Trek, maximizing your travel value (Spring tours can be combined with our 14-day Himalayan Rhododendron Bloom Trek in Nepal, while Authomn tours may be combined with our 13 day Humanitarian Trek in Nepal. Combining both events entitles you to a substantial combined discount of $350, plus rewards your very long flight to Asia with a thorough encounter of TWO very different countries instead of just one!).
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