Dorothy Torrey, M.S. - Certified Wellness Cuisine Consultant

Dorothy Torrey, M.S. - Certified Wellness Cuisine Consultant

To my friends in Boston and Cape Cod:

It was exciting to be at the Harvard University lecture and to be actually hearing a doctor, Adiel Tel-Oren, courageous enough to be addressing our broken American Health System. But what was more exciting was the fact that Dr. Tel-Oren shared his vision and plan about how a shift could be done. His plan sounded doable and practical. The solution in fixing the problem would require a long term positive relationship between American politicians, doctors and other players internationally and nationally.

We have been told most of our lives that we had to choose between value and values. But that is a false choice. Partnerships that are created based in core values of awareness and formed with an attitude of high standards of ethics, cooperation and service, are powerful and long-lasting. So, I see the possibility of the new vision for the American health system working out successfully for all — and the costs are much less.  In addition, there are monies to be made from creating and promoting a new industry of well-being and of being responsible for one's health. It's a paradigm shift that many are open and willing to take on.

I am grateful to be witnessing Dr. Tel-Oren's work that contributes to the physical well-being of people, and thus the well-being of our entire planet, now and in the future.

Thank you!

Sacred wellness, peace, love and joy always,
Dorothy Torrey, M.S.
Certified Wellness Cuisine Consultant