Low-level, long-term exposure to toxins such as heavy metals (e.g. lead, mercury, PSP, and cadmium), pesticides, industrial  compounds, and pollutants is associated with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS), fibromyalgia (FM), neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's disease and atherosclerosis as well as many types of cancers. Common signs and symptoms of environmental toxicity include acne, rashes, headaches, aches and pains, fatigue, muscle weakness, tinnitus, fertility problems, memory loss, and chronic immune system depression.

Common Clinical Symptoms and Conditions Associated with Environmental Toxicity:

  • Headaches Mineral Imbalances
  • Fertility Problems Depression
  • Multiple Chemical Sensitivities Non-Responsive or Recurrent Yeast Infections
  • Learning Disorders Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Fibromyalgia Contact Dermatitis
  • Broad Mood Swings Unusual Responses to Medications or Supplements
  • Memory Loss Parkinson's Disease
  • Tinnitus Muscle Weakness
  • Worsening of Symptoms After Anesthesia or Pregnancy Cancer
  • Fatigue Panic Attacks
  • Abnormal Pregnancy Outcomes Chronic Immune System
  • History of increasing sensitivity to exogenous exposures,

odors, or medications

Toxins may remain in the body for many years, therefore we are exposed to much higher toxin doses than present environmental concentrations suggest.  Research suggests that we all maintain toxin contamination within our bodies on a regular basis due to this lifetime of exposure.


How does the body remove toxic substances?

An individual's ability to remove or detoxify toxins is a primary factor in susceptibility to toxin-related conditions.

In order to remove (excrete) the multitude of diverse toxins, the body has a complex system that converts them into non-toxic molecules for removal.  This complex system occurs in two phases- Phase I and Phase II, that convert (biotransform) a toxic molecule into a non-toxic molecule that can be easily excreted.  The majority of detoxification occurs in the liver, however all tissues have some ability to detoxify, including the intestines, skin and lungs.

In Phase I, a functional group is added to the toxic molecule, producing an intermediate that needs to be further transformed.  Phase II detoxification involves a process called conjugation in which various enzymes in the liver attach protective compounds to the intermediate, making it less harmful and more readily excretable.  Because the products of Phase I can be highly reactive and more harmful than the original compound, achieving and maintaining a balance between Phase I and Phase II processes is critical.

Furthermore, a significant side effect of all this metabolic activity is the production of free radicals as the toxins

is transformed, resulting in oxidative stress.  Nutrients that help protect us from oxidative stress include vitamins

C and E, zinc, selenium and copper.


Achieving Balanced Detoxification

Optimal detoxification requires that both Phase I and Phase II pathways function correctly and in balance with each  other.   Bifunctional  modulators  are phytonutrients that support balanced detoxification by modulating Phase I and promoting Phase II. This minimizes damage by reactive intermediates and free radicals. Fruits and vegetables contain many bifunctional modulators, which is one reason these foods are associated with reduced susceptibilities to cancer and degenerative diseases.


Nutritional Support for Detoxification

Detoxification is an energy-requiring process that puts a metabolic burden on the body.  Therefore, water or juice fasts are not beneficial because they deplete the body of the essential nutrients required for healthy detoxification. These fasts have many adverse health effects, including decreased energy production, breakdown of lean tissue instead of fat, increased oxidative stress, and unbalanced detoxification.

Rather  than  decreasing  nutrient  support, a focused, high-impact, low allergy potential source of micro and

Macronutrients should be provided.



Minimizing exposure to toxins is only one part to a beneficial detoxification program.   Low allergy potential, targeted nutrition providing the full spectrum of Phase II supportive cofactors, bifunctional modulators for balanced detoxification, and support for energy production and excretion may optimize balanced detoxification and promote optimal health throughout life.

With the AdvaClear Detoxification Program, both the patient and the doctor have great flexibility. These guidelines will greatly increase the ease in which to implement an effective detoxification protocol.


Advanced Bifunctional Detoxification Support

2  -Day Metabolic Detoxification Program

This detoxification program is divided into 3 steps.  The products needed to complete 28-day program include:

  • 1 Large Bottle of AdvaClearTM
  • 3-4 Canisters of appropriate Medical Food*

* See Suggested Supplementation for appropriate nutritional support product combination(s).

  • Step 1 - Initial Clearing (Days 1-6) During Step 1, you will eliminate potentially allergenic foods while you slowly increase the intake of the nutritional support product(s) your healthcare practitioner has recommended.
  • Step 2 - Detoxification (Days 7-13) During Step 2, you will be on a select number of low-allergy foods along with three servings a day of your nutritional support product(s).
  • Step 3 - Reintroduction (Days 14-28) During Step 3, you will slowly reintroduce the foods from Step 1

back into the dietary plan and slowly decrease the intake of your nutritional support product(s).


Step 1

If you normally consume significant amounts of caffeinated beverages or simple sugars, you might experience withdrawal headaches if you discontinue them all at once.  We recommend that you gradually decrease these items in your diet before starting this program.

For best results on your 28-day program, you must carefully adhere to the Basic Dietary Guidelines. Foods that are not found under Foods to Include should not be eaten, unless discussed with your healthcare practitioner.  Avoiding potentially allergenic or heavily processed foods that may impair

your body's ability to cleanse and detoxify is very important for the success of your program. Drink at lease 64 ounces (8 eight ounce cups) of filtered water daily.

Many people begin to feel better within a few weeks of beginning their program.  However, you may initially experience mild flu-like symptoms such as headaches and joint aches, or some changes in bowel habits.  These are usually minor and temporary.

Over the entire 28-day program, many people report feeling more energized.  However, during Step

2, some participants have a slump in energy.  You may wish to shorten or curtail strenuous physical

activities during this phase.

Adequate sleep and stress reduction are important to the success of your program.  Your body is

recharging and regenerating itself - help it by getting adequate rest!

  • Day 1: Begin to follow the Basic Dietary Guidelines, as outlined.

Take 1/2 scoop of the powdered product* your clinician has recommended twicetoday.  Also take 1

AdvaClearTM  two times today.

  • Day 2: Take 1 scoop of your recommended powder twice today. Continue with 1 AdvaClearTM capsule

two times today.

  • Day 3-6: Increase to 2 scoops of your recommended powder twice each day, and 2 AdvaClearTM

capsules two times each day as well.


Step 2

  • Days 7-13: From the Basic Dietary Guidelines, eat only from these categories: Fruits, Vegetables, Fats,

Beverages, and Spices and Condiments. From Starch category, consume rice only. Increase to 2 scoops

of your recommended powder three times each day, and AdvaClearTM  to 2 capsules three times each day.


Step 3

  • Days 14-15: Add Bread/Cereal, Starch, and Milk Substitutes from Basic Dietary Guidelines. Continue

with 2 scoops of your recommended powder three times daily, along with 2 AdvaClearTM  capsules three times each day.

  • Days 16-18: Also add Legumes and Nuts and Seeds from Basic Dietary Guidelines. Reduce to 2

scoops of your recommended powder twice each day, along with 2 AdvaClear capsules twice each day.

  • Days 19-28: Also add Meat and Fish from Basic Dietary Guidelines. Continue with 2 scoops of your

recommended powder twice each day, along with 2 AdvaClearTM  capsules twice each day.

  • After Day 28: Return to your healthcare practitioner for follow-up and further instructions.

Suggested Supplementation

*The following is a guide to help the practitioner determine the most appropriate combination of nutritional support


  • Light to Moderate Toxicity:

AdvaClearTM  with UltraMeal®

  • Moderate to Severe Sensitivity:

AdvaClearTM  with UltraClear PLUS® or UltraClear PLUS pH

  • Insulin Resistance:

AdvaClearTM  with UltraGlycemX®

  • Pain/Inflammation:

AdvaClearTM  with UltraInflamX®

  • GI Permeablility (Leaky Gut):

AdvaClearTM  with UltraInflamX® and EndefenTM

  • Hormone Imbalances:

AdvaClearTM  with EstriumTM


Basic Product Mixing Instructions

Combine 2 scoops of the powdered product you've been instructed to consume with 8-10 ounces of water or other liquid.  Briskly stir or blend the product until thoroughly mixed.



Your healthcare practitione r has recommended the UltraClear PLUS 10 -Day Express Detox Program. Detoxification-the elimination of toxic wastes -has been used to promote health in cultures around

the world for thousands of years. Many health problems may be associated with prolonged exposure to various toxic agents that our bodies may not be able to cleanse completely.

During periods of detoxification, certain nutrients are in increased demand to help turn toxic substances into harmless by -products for elimination from the body. UltraClear PLUS is specifically formulated to assist the body with these important nutrients, and is intended as a complement to an elimination diet to promote healthy detoxification activities.

The first 5 days of the program require a gradual removal of specific groups of foods from the diet in the order indicated. At the same time, you will be slowly introducing UltraClear PLUS. As you begin to eliminate foods from your normal diet, detoxifying reactions can result such as disturbances in sleep patterns, changes in body temperature, light -headedness, mood swings, headaches, joint or muscle aches , changes in gastrointestinal function, and changes in body odor or breath. These responses are usually minor and generally lessen in intensity during the program.

This is not a calorie-restricted program. Many people notice that they're initially hungry, but that tends

to dissipate. Most people are able to carry on with their normal daily activities while on this program, and even experience increased energy. So relax and enjoy the process.Let's get started!


Day 1

Eliminate all:

  • Refined sugars -anything with added sucrose, high fructose corn syrup, or alcohol (cakes, cookies, candies , pastries, beer, wine, liquor)
  • Caffeinated drinks (sodas, coffee, tea)
  • Artificial colorings, flavorings, and sweeteners (packaged and processed foods)
  • Flesh foods (beef, pork, lamb, poultry, fish, wild game)

Day 2

In addition to eliminating foods listed for Day 1, eliminate all:

  • Dairy products and eggs

StarUltraClear Plus - 1 scoop twice today


Day 3

In addition to eliminating foods listed for Days 1 & 2, eliminate all:

  • Gluten grains-wheat, rye, barley, spelt, kamut, oat, and corn
  • Note: You m ay continue to eat quinoa, rice, millet, and buckwheat

ContinuUltraClear Plus -1 scoop twice today


Day 4

In addition to eliminating foods listed for Days 1-3, eliminate all:

  • Remaining grains (quinoa, rice, millet, buckwheat)
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Note: You now should be eating vegetables, fruits, and legumes only (along with UltraClear Plus )

IncreasUltraClear PLUS -2 scoops twice today


Days 5-7

Continue eliminating foods listed for Days 1-4, as well as legumes (beans, peas, lentils). Eat only those fruits and vegetables as listed below:

  • Cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, kale, cabbage, Brussels sprouts)
  • Raw greens (red and green lettuce, romaine, spinach, endive)
  • Fresh apples and pears (whole or freshly juiced)
  • Canned apple or pear juice (no sugar added)

IncreasUltraClear PLUS -2 scoops four times per day


Day 8

Gently add back fruits, vegetables, and white rice (only) to diet.

DecreasUltraClear PLUS -2 scoops three times today


Day 9

Add back:

  • Quinoa, millet , and buckwheat Legumes and nuts

Finislast two servings of UltraCle ar PLUS left in canister (2 scoo ps twice today)


Day 10

Congratulations! You have successfully completed the 10-Day Express Detox Program. For maximum benefit from this program, it is important to slowly reintroduce the foods which you have not added back to your diet yet. If you suspect that you have food allergies, try only one new food at a time and wait 24 -48 hours to see if you note a reaction. If unsure about a reaction, wait until symptoms recede and eat only foods that do not cause a reaction. Then ingest the suspicious food again and take note.


Program  Tips:

1.   Purchase organically grown produce or wash conventional produce thoroughly to remove pesticide residue.

2.   During Days 5-7 you may want to curtail some of your more strenuous activities, as you may experience a decrease in energy.

3.   If you get light -headed or excessively fatigued, this may be a sign of low blood sugar. Keep an apple or pear handy (allowed throughout the program ) or consume a serving of UltraClear PLUS.

4.   For recipe ideas, see the UltraClear®  and UltraClear PLUS ®  Patient Guide, available through your healthcare practitioner.


UltraClear PLUS is a medical food designed to meet the heightened nutrient needs of individuals with impaired or compromised detoxification

capacity, which may be associated with health conditions such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and multiple chemical sensitivity. UltraClear PLUS is a low-allergy -potential, natural rice protein formula fortified with a specific blend of vitamins, minerals, and accessory nutrients to help promote healthy, balanced detoxification. UltraClear PLUS is also enriched with additional antioxidants to help protect against harmful free radicals that are generated during the detoxification process. UltraClear PLUS is to be used under the direct supervision of a physician or other licensed healthcare practitioner. Do not engage in any diet supplying less t han 800 calories per day.

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