October 2014 Thailand Adventure

October 27 - November 2, 2014

Authentic Thailand - Tropical Fruit, Vegan Thai Cuisine, and Beachfront Retreat

7 days with Dr. T, plus his revolutionary Vmix Bone & Muscle Strength & Toning Routine!

This adventure starts immediately after Dr. T's Humanitarian Eco-Trek in Nepal (October 14-27) - both trips can be combined to introduce 2 countries instead of one, for the same long flight...

Day 1: Arrival in Bangkok - Transportation to a small hotel near the airport. Discussion about Thai history and geography, Thai cuisine, and Thai society. In addition, Dr. T introduces the group to the main concepts of Vmix, his 5-10 minutes-a-day muscle toning, conditioning, and bone-strengthening exercise program.

Day 2: Ayuttayah - Heritage tour of several ancient temples of Thailand's capital during its golden age.  Afterward, we will visit Bang Pa-in - the king's summer palace and the interesting structures surrounding it.  That evening we will start the 72-hour tropical fruit feast (nothing will be eaten except for local Thai fruits the entire 3 days from this point on...)

Day 3: Bangkok's Royal Temples -  Wat Phra Kao, Wat Po, and Wat Arun. These impressive world-renowned clusters of colorful glimmering pagodas and shrines are a must-see for anyone visiting Thailand.   At 1:00pm we travel to the Chantaburi Beach Resort, an authentic mixture of guesthouses that are frequented by local tourists in a charming area unspoiled by foreign tourism. On the way, we will visit a market and a traditional basket weaving center boasting the "World's Largest Hand-Woven Basket" as well as miniature woven art and other artifacts. We arrive at the beach resort in the evening and enjoy optional bathing in the Indian Ocean at night.

Day 4: Morning - Vmix workout (and other activities as desired) on the beach. We will tour a large nearby lagoon (Kungkraben Bay) with its special mangrove park, strolling on a raised boardwalk, followed by a short visit to a sea-farm center.  After that, we will visit an authentic tropical fruit farm where we can buy fruit directly from the farmer, freshly harvested as available. We then return to our resort to relax, swim, talk about health and nutrition, and exercise some more if so desired.

Day 5: Morning - Vmix workout on the beach, then swim and relax on the beach or in the resort, plus discuss nutrition, fasting topics, and the benefit of tropical fruits. In the afternoon, we will go to a secluded beach nestled within a beautiful nearby peninsula, followed by a short circular jungle-walk to see a magnificent sunset view. We will then return to the beach resort in order to break the fruit feast with a locally made authentic vegan Thai meal, prepared in front of us at the resort's kitchen, so that we can learn how to prepare at home the dishes we enjoy together.

Day 6: We perform our last Vmix activity on our Thai beach, then pack and drive to a nearby national park to see beautiful cascading waterfalls where numerous black fish (Mahseer Barb) are eager to receive from us their favorite food - long string beans - while we swim with them in little river-ponds. We can also hike a circular tropical mountain trail surrounding the park, about 45-minutes long (optional). In the afternoon we drive back to our Bangkok hotel (near the airport). 

Day 7: Morning Vmix exercise (optional, if time allows) and transportation to the airport at your own leisure, or you may stay in Thailand longer if you're inspired to see more (Dr. T will provide ideas if desired in such a case). Bon Voyage and welcome home!

Package Price - Thailand Adventure Only:  $1,650 

If participant participates in both the Nepal and Thailand trips there will be $255 discount - making the Thailand portion $1,395

Both Trips: $4,545 (October 14 - November 2)
Please remember...the package fee does NOT include airfare
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