Tess Baril's Testimonial

Tess Baril's Testimonial

Audience Response from Dr. T's Fall 2011 Lecture at Harvard University

I wanted to thank you for inviting me to Dr. Tel-Oren’s lecture at Harvard. I went into the talk a bit skeptical of “alternative healthcare,” but I soon discovered that what Dr. T was discussing was logical and backed up by a lot of scientific research and personal experience.

Being a biology major and in the premed program here at Boston College, I felt I understood the lecture and I learned a lot from Dr. Tel-Oren that will help me throughout my medical education. I used to be very hesitant to admit there were any benefits of holistic medicine; however, I had been combining all types of alternative medicine into one category and writing it off without looking at some methods’ true effectiveness. Dr. Tel-Oren helped me see that some alternative and holistic medicine can be equally or more useful than orthodox medicine in many instances.

During the lecture, I especially liked the way Dr. T focused on how doctors need to treat the cause of individuals’ illness and not just their symptoms. It’s fairly common to prescribe a lifelong drug regimen for certain illnesses, but this oftentimes only serves to alleviate the patients’ symptoms. Moreover, this reliance on drugs is not only expensive and toxic, but it neglects to address the real causes of illness. When Dr. Tel-Oren discussed how it may be possible to do something as simple as change a person’s diet and give them science-based supplement therapy to cure a chronic disease, I began to realize what an incredible difference his research could make in so many individuals’ lives. Of course more studies need to be conducted and practitioners must question the effectiveness of any diagnostic and therapeutic methods or they would not be practicing good science (as Dr. T repeatedly stated). However, if Dr. Tel-Oren can attain consistent positive results using logical dietary and functional medicine approaches, then his research could change the way doctors see patients and practice medicine.

I learned a lot from the lecture that I hope to utilize when I enter the medical field in the U.S. I know there are many issues with the healthcare system in this country, but I feel that a lot of things Dr. T was discussing will help me to be a better doctor while working in the system we currently have. Above all I’ve learned it’s so important to think critically and with an open mind about all options available to a patient. However, I also know to focus on the science and choose the best course of care for my patient based on reliable research produced by unbiased individuals. Additionally, I hope that when I finish my schooling I will continue to study and maintain the level of enthusiasm for my work that I saw Dr. Tel-Oren clearly still possesses.

A particular part of the lecture that really resonated with me was Dr. Tel-Oren’s plan to transform an entire country’s healthcare system. Dr. T spoke with such intelligence, determination, and passion that I have no doubt he will see his ideas through. It would be truly incredible if by the point that I finish my medical education Dr. Tel-Oren’s study results will be published and changing healthcare in that country. Hopefully, I will then be able to be a part of changes in the U.S. healthcare system as a result of his research which, I believe, has the potential to be incredibly influential worldwide.

Thank you again for the lecture invitation, I’m very glad I had the opportunity to see Dr. Tel-Oren speak and meet him after the talk. I obviously learned a lot and Dr. T has really motivated me to think about my future in medicine and the impact I could have one day. I can’t wait to see the effects Dr. Tel-Oren’s research will have on the healthcare delivery system in the near future and the resulting benefits people will experience worldwide from his ideas one day.

Tess Baril