James Martin Transformed

James Martin Transformed

My name is James Martin and I am 59 years old. Most of my life I have been a very healthy person, a very energetic outgoing person, fun person, loved to be around people, loved to be active and always had an extremely vigorous appetite. I love to eat. I was raised around good cooks. My mother, grandmother and ex-wife were great cooks. And eating was always a very, very big thing with me. I ate just about anything and everything. I loved all kinds of meat and pork, and was a very, very big dessert eater. And I was gaining weight in my belly.

About 15 years ago my health started changing. The very first noticeable change came as tiredness. I began to feel sluggish and rundown a lot, falling asleep a lot. Whenever I was sitting down anywhere, even in the movies, I would dose off into a sleep. I never understood why I had no energy.
Also, over 10 years ago I started having a problem with cold feet. My feet constantly stayed cold no matter what. I could be in a nice warm house and warm bed and my feet were just cold. And then later I started feeling a numbing sort of feeling like my feet were dead. I Never knew what was wrong.
A little later on I began to notice this same cold feeling in my hands. Anytime I would shake hands with people they would comment on how cold my hands were. And there was this tingling, numbing sensation in my fingers.
I went to a doctor and I was diagnosed with diabetes, I think my sugar was around 460. And they put me on Glucotrol for the rest of my life. About that same time I began to notice a swelling in my feet. I was retaining fluid. Also I started noticed a problem with impotence. And that got worse. For the last five years I had been completely impotent.
And my health in general started falling apart. I was suffering with high blood pressure. All kind of things were going wrong with me. And it was really getting to me. It was depressing me a lot. I was becoming irritable and withdrawn. It had a very negative effect on my relationships with family and friends and co-workers and clients. I was just becoming a very bitter person.

I also had what might have been rheumatism or arthritis in the right shoulder and lower part of the neck. Sometimes the pain was very, very intense. And again I was becoming very, very depressed because my body was just falling apart. And I knew that if I didn't somehow make a change that I probably would not live very much longer.
Finally, 2 years ago I suffered two mild heart attacks. And the doctors in the hospital wanted to perform an open heart, bypass surgery. And I refused to let them do it. My family pressured me into going along with these operations. Still I refused to do it. The doctors were extremely upset with me and threatened that I will not survive without surgery. The doctors put me on eight different prescription drugs and told me I would have to spend the rest of my life taking these drugs. They said I would not survive without them. I was never comfortable with these drugs and their side effects. I didn't feel right. It's hard to describe what it was that I felt. And in my heart I always believed that there was a better, more natural way to deal with diseases and sickness. But I had never had the strength to actually do it myself.

Well, as of July 1st, July 1, 2003, thanks to the food at Ecopolitan Restaurant, I decided to go on an all-natural, organic, plant based diet. And I started walking. I have kept a daily journal of my progress. Within 3 months, everything has completely turned around. I now have far more energy than I have had in years. And I'm not taking any drugs! I still have the 8 unfinished bottles at home to prove it! I will never go back to these drugs again!
Before the change in my diet, I also had a breathing problem because of the heart attacks and swelling, retaining of fluids. I could barely breathe just coming up a few steps. I was completely out of breath and exhausted. Just bending over tying my shoes I was out of breath. Just trying to put my clothes on I was out of breath. Even while lying up in bed it was a struggle to breath at times. I could only walk very little, and very, very slowly. Well, about 4 days into my diet, my breath just got better. And it's gotten better and better every day since. Now, 3 months later, I am walking ten miles rapidly every day. I'm running up the stairs now! I sleep better but need less sleep. Before, I would wake up anywhere from two to four times a night to go to the bathroom, I would stay in bed sluggish until late morning. Now, most nights I sleep straight through, and wake up early at 5 or 6 ready to go, I have all this energy. I feel so much better!!

My attitude has changed. I feel inspired. I feel alive again for the first time. I check my sugar levels every morning. It is always in the 80's and 90's now, no matter how many desserts I eat at Ecopolitan, whereas before it was 200, sometimes 300 and 400 even with the diabetes drug Glucotrol. I am off of all medication and feeling great. My blood pressure is now normal. The pain in my shoulder has all but disappeared. Another thing I have noticed in the last few weeks is that my feet and hands are feeling warm. I have more feeling in my feet and hands now. The tingling in my fingers is not nearly as intense as it was; it's very, very faint now.
I am getting better. I feel much better. I'm looking better. I've lost 40 pounds in the last ninety-one days, my potbelly is gone! And it just goes on and on. I feel so hopeful and thankful. My attitude has changed. My personality is coming back. I am beginning to love being around people again. Also, my impotence problem is clearing up! That has made me tremendously happy. I feel fantastically good. I feel like I have traded in an old, battered, used body for a newer body, and added many more years to my life. And for that I thank God everyday. I could go on and on and on, there is so much more I could say - I just feel so wonderful and hopeful. And thank God for Ecopolitan, with their help I cannot see myself ever returning to the old way of eating again. Not with all the good things that I am experiencing here. I would not have been able to do it without the delicious meals and desserts at Ecopolitan. I eat there every day, sometime twice a day. I still love to eat. With Ecopolitan it is very easy to eat organic vegetarian raw food and desserts, because they are always so unbelievably tasty and satisfying! I thought the food would be boring when I first heard about raw foods, but the food at Ecopolitan is so interesting and beautiful, I never get bored! This helps me stick with my new healthy lifestyle. Ecopolitan has saved my life!
Written : October 1, 2003

Addition - December 29, 2003
Three months after my previous letter to you, I am happy to say I feel even healthier then I was then. I am bringing all my medical and hospital records to Dr. T at Ecopolitan as supportive evidence for this entire testimonial. I lost another 15 pounds, for a total of 55 pounds since I discovered Ecopolitan restaurant and became a raw vegan. Now I am at my ideal weight, my sugar level is always normal so I no longer have diabetes, and I feel better than ever. I am stable now, not needing or wanting any change. I feel that this is a lifetime commitment to health, not a temporary fad diet. This is my permanent lifestyle now. I don't even wish to go back to the old foods, I miss nothing! I enjoy learning about health and prevention and nutrition from Dr. T at the free Tuesday meetings I regularly attend at Ecopolitan. I will continue a raw vegan organic diet and healthy nutrition forever, and Ecopolitan's natural cuisine makes it so easy and enjoyable!