Sustainability in Restaurants and other Businesses

Question: I’ve read somewhere a quotation by someone who said that the Ecopolitan is the most ecological restaurant in the world. Can you confirm or explain that statement?

Answer: Although I don’t know ALL the restaurants in the world, it is very unlikely that any URBAN Western restaurant in the world comes even close to what we have accomplished in our non-profit Minneapolis restaurant, at great cost, effort, and time for dedicated research.

We certainly offer the World’s HEALTHIEST food! Ecopolitan has won nation-wide recognition for its uniquely ecological design & operation, setting the world's standards for sustainability in the food business and aligning with the principles of The Natural Step, as espoused by Minnesota's Alliance For Sustainability. We are the first Restaurant in America (in the world, perhaps?) to eliminate all toxic cleaning materials & detergents, carcinogenic plastic food bags, polluting take-out containers & napkins, and out-gassing VOC's. Instead, we use environmentally safe, biodegradable, re-usable or compostable containers and cleaners (ask to buy some for your own home); truly non-toxic paints, varnishes, & sealants (visit our Safecoat section); re-usable hemp napkins (see our organic cotton & hemp clothing and accessories section);  and sustainable cellophane food bags (check our Bulk Food section). Also, we purify the water using high-quality RO system, and clean the air using Austin Superblend filters (removing even ammonia and formaldehyde-type gasses, available at the store) and improve its oxygen content (try our Oxygen Bar!).

We support no genetically modified foods – even those that are likely cross-pollinated (no soy, corn or potato products on our menu). Also, our menu is 100% wheat-free and 98% gluten free (and of-course, 100% casein-free). We provide 100% organic ingredients in our food and wine; wash all fruits and vegetables in purified, chlorine-free water, and soak them in food-grade hydrogen-peroxide (which we sell at the store); Our 100% vegan food (crucial for conserving our Planet's resources) prevents the mixing of animal by-products with plant foods, averting food-borne infections. Our food hygiene principles protect and enhance your health (no creation of food toxins and damaging of nutrients by cooking and no cheap vegetable oils to go rancid inside your body - listen to our CD on cooked foods and try our olive oil and coconut oils!). We compost our organic waste (at great cost!), recycle all recyclables diligently, and conserve energy wherever possible. We promote local growers and reduced reliance on transportation. As a non-profit, we educate the public about conservation issues, health, and nutrition (check our free Tuesday lectures, books and magazines near the juice bar), and are proud to support like-minded, Earth-friendly organizations and activities! And there’s a lot more! We spend more resources (relative to our size) on ecological concerns than any other business would, because we believe that by setting an example we may inspire other businesses to follow!

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