Ecopolitan Space donated for Your Non-Profit Activities

Ecopolitan Space is donated for non-profit meetings, lectures, task groups, committees, health activities, at the Ecopolitan Building.

If you belong to (or if you know someone belonging to) a socially-responsible, environmentally friendly, community oriented, sustainability-aware, or health-related organization (preferably but not necessarily a non-profit company), please let us know if you need a special meeting area that can hold up to 50 people (lecture format), 30 people (dinner/table format), or 12 people (yoga/active format). Ecopolitan Building is happy to donate its facility (including utilities, overhead projector, and special assistance when needed) to like-minded organizations who share the vision of a healthy future for our society and our planet.

Many organizations already have already taken advantage of our offer, including the Alliance for Sustainability, the Green Guide, the Green Party, Whittier Alliance, EarthSave of Minnesota, animal rights groups, Whole Foods, and the Center for Self Regulation. Others are planning to do the same in the near future. Ecopolitan staff will gladly bring any desired food or beverages that were ordered to the meeting room. Furthermore, a special menu can be arranged/catered to meet the needs of a specific group, in order to save time, to solve dietary challenges, or to satisfy culinary preferences. For Reservations please call 612-870-2974.

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