Always Tired - Why am I Always Feeling So Tired?

Question: I have been told by my doctor that it’s “normal” for me to be always tired, because of my age (63). Is that true?

Answer: What’s common today, with our polluted environment, stress, poor lifestyle choices, and horribly malnourishing diets, is not at all normal! It is important to differentiate what’s normal from what’s common. Doctors usually ignore the causes of disease, and therefore they are not attuned to the factors leading to changed epidemiology.

Many chronic diseases start with metabolic abnormality (such as fatigue), but their symptoms are vague. The doctors are usually looking only at symptoms, thus they are unable to give you specific answers about your condition - it’s easier to simply relegate it to “old age” despite the fact that many older people never experience fatigue while many youngsters today are extremely tired all the time! You have abnormal metabolic processes leading to fatigue, and they can be reversed naturally and scientifically!

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