Nutritional Consultations

Nutritional/Medical Consultations with Dr. Tel-Oren

The following information will help you prepare for your consultation appointment with Dr. T, if you seek his guidance on your quest for health and wellness:
Dr. Adiel Tel-Oren ("Dr. T") is a Medical Doctor trained in Europe and the USA (licensed in Europe), board-certified with the American Board of Functional Medicine, American Clinical Board of Nutrition, the American Board of Disability Analysts, and American Board of Oxidative Medicine (now part of the American Board of Chelation Therapy, where he is certified as well). He is a Professor & Certified Clinical Nutritionist with the Clinical Nutrition Board of the International and American Association of Clinical Nutritionists; a Doctor of Chiropractic (trained and licensed in the USA, retired since 2001), a Licensed Nutritionist (Minnesota); and member of the ACA Council on Nutrition. He is President Emeritus of the University of Natural Medicine (Santa Fe, New Mexico), where he is Dean of Medical Sciences and Professor of Functional and Nutritional Medicine (What is Functional Medicine?).

Dr. T addresses most health challenges, utilizing functional, dietary, clinical, and nutritional medicine, as well as special therapeutic modalities and in-depth detoxification protocols. Therapy is individually tailored based on findings obtained via complete history-taking, questionnaires, a variety of diagnostic tests (including cutting-edge functional tests, some of which Dr. T has helped create), natural principles, clinical experience, and the scientific literature. Occasionally, the patient will be referred for diagnosis or assistance by other doctors. Dr. Tel-Oren's recommendations do not constitute allopathic medicine (which focuses on toxic chemical drugs, surgery, and/or radiation to suppress symptoms or advanced pathology with limited attention to causation). Hundreds of international patients use phone/Skype to consult with Dr. T regardless of where he is in the world. He also offers skin-lesion treatment clinics in over 50 American cities and over 25 Israeli locations. 
Dr. T's objective is to restore or improve the patient's nutritional status, digestive functions, immunological resistance, hormonal balance, cardiovascular health, neurological integrity, cognitive capacity, mental, behavioral, and emotional health, and skin & hair appearance. Supporting the individual's overall health is accomplished by avoiding exposure to specific and general disease generators, and by incorporating measures that improve the body's defense mechanism and self healing potential. These health-regenerating activities are science based, rigorous in quality, and individually tailored to each patient by addressing the historical, physical, environmental, biochemical, toxicological, electro-magnetic, nutritional, dietary, micro-biological (ecological), emotional, social, and medical factors uniquely comprising that person's health. 

Dr. Tel-Oren educates the public by lecturing around the world (250-275 lectures a year) and offering educational seminars and certification programs; provides a unique, non-surgical, non-medical and non-invasive skin growth and blemish removal   method; authors books and articles; conducts research, guides groups on Humanitarian Eco-Treks in Nepal  and Eco-Foraging Retreats in Wisconsin; initiates and develops projects supporting health and ecology, and manages several humanitarian organizations that he has founded internationally (e.g. The Ecopolitan Eco-Health Community in the USA; MARPI - The Center For Functional Medicine in Israel; and Everest Learning Academy in Nepal - a network of schools, community outreach programs, orphanages, and day care centers that educate, nurture, and protect thousands of disadvantaged Nepali children & orphans in rural villages where the risk for child trafficking, prostitution, and slavery is especially high).
If you wish to benefit from the Natural Functional Medicine approach Dr. T helped develop, please take into account that he is not always immediately available (yet his team is makes every effort to respond in a timely manner and refer questions from patients).
Who would benefit from consulting Dr. T?
The treatment always addresses the reasons and causes for the condition or health risk, never just the symptoms. As long as we can identify the factors that play a role in the development of dysfunction, as well as reverse their effect on the cells and tissues, it is possible to initiate positive steps that will improve health and allow healing, or at least inhibit the pathological process and prevent it from getting worse. Success of the treatment depends on many factors, including adherence to the guidelines and recommendations by Dr. T, the presence of dietary and environmental causes the patient is exposed to with or without his/her knowledge, medical history, complicating factors, toxicity levels and detoxification capacity, metabolic disruptors, genetic conditions/predispositions that often can not be controlled (yet their effect can be reduced), the general medical condition of the patient, and the extent of illness.
Appointment Scheduling Process:
1. Completing the Forms: Please email clinic@ecopolitan.com for consultation information and intake formsPRINT the intake form and health history form and fill them out in full. The completed forms should be sent back via fax to: 530-690-8447 or scanned and e-mailed back to clinic@ecopolitan.com

Forms can be mailed to: MDCA, Attn: Office Manager, 2409 Lyndale Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN 55405

An appointment cannot be scheduled until the completed forms are received. 
2. Additional Medical Findings - If there are medical reports, test results and other relevant documents from the recent year related to the current condition, fax them to: 530-690-8447 or scan and e-mail them back to clinic@ecopolitan.comForms can be mailed to: Ecopolitan/A. Doel, PO Box 366, Dennis MA 02638
Files sent by fax: please note your full name, and make sure the documents are clear and legible. E-mail clinic@ecopolitan.com to confirm they were received.
Files sent by e-mail: these formats ONLY: PDF, DOC, XLS, JPG, PNG, TIF, ZIP, RAR.
There is no need to have any lab tests before the appointment - In the initial appointment, Dr. Tel-Oren will suggest doing tests that will assist in the diagnosis and treatment process.
* Please DO NOT send medical material directly to Dr. Tel-Oren, at ANY time of the treatment, ONLY by e-mail (clinic@ecopolitan.com) or fax (530-690-8447).
3. Scheduling the Appointment - A few days after receiving the complete and signed forms, the patient will receive an e-mail from Dr. Tel-Oren's staff to schedule the appointment. A delay in sending the forms will result in delayed scheduling until receipt.
* Appointments can be scheduled for 15, 30, 45, 60 minutes in duration (see detailed description below).
Dr. Tel-Oren reviews the material ONLY during the appointment and not beforehand.
* It is most likely the patient will need a few more consultations according to the complexity of the treatment.
How To Determine How Much Time To Reserve?

15 minutes:

- Phone/Skype call only! (even if Dr. T is in your area during that time)

- Initial consultation for preliminary acquaintance and recommendations.

- A short follow-up call of an established patient.

- Clarification of brief questions.

- Simple clinical situations.

- Emergency situations.

30 minutes:

- Initial introduction consultation of complex cases and/or with many questions (patient takes over two prescription drugs for example).

- Review of medical history and a simple clinical condition.

- Review of results of simple laboratory tests.

- Review of one functional lab test or recommended questionnaire.

45 minutes:

- Review of a moderately complex medical history (patient takes over two prescription drugs for example).

- Answering many questions.

- Answering a few questions and review of one functional lab test or recommended questionnaires.

60 minutes:

- To review and address extensive and complex medical history.

- A full medical picture from many tests and questionnaires (60 minutes may not be enough if the amount of material is great).

Please note! At the time of scheduling an appointment, one must take into account the time the doctor reviews the material, summarizes key points and makes recommendations for further treatment as part of the time allotted for the consultation. Please consider the patients scheduled after you and Dr. Tel-Oren's allotted time - Do not exceed the time limit set for you in advance. If you're not sure - schedule a longer appointment duration ahead of time! An extension cannot be made during the course of an appointment. In the event the allotted time wasn't enough, additional appointments can be scheduled with Dr. Tel-Oren's staff and based on his schedule.

4. Costs and payment terms:

* Rates:

New Patient Fee (applies if you have never had a consultation with Dr. Tel-Oren) - $20.00

Up to 15 minutes - that is, between 5 minutes to 15 minutes - $125.

Up to 30 minutes - that is, between 16 minutes to 30 minutes - $225.

Up to 45 minutes - that is, between 31 minutes to 45 minutes - $310.

Up to 60 minutes - that is, between 46 minutes to 60 minutes - $395.

Consultations By Phone/Skype:  

* Immediately following your consultation you will be emailed an invoice and your written recommendations.

Does Dr. T accept insurance?

Ecopolitan CANNOT file any insurance claims for you, nor can we communicate with any insurance company on your behalf. That would require additional staff, increasing the cost of care. Your cancelled checks or credit/debit card printout copies are your receipts. 

* On the day and time scheduled (at the exact time!), the patient calls Dr. Tel-Oren, via Skype or telephone. 

* Do not call Dr. Tel-Oren any time without prior arrangement.

Other important notes:

* In case of an emergency, dial 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

For any additional questions, or concerns please contact us via email at: clinic@ecopolitan.com or by phone:  612-326-6839

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