Eco-Healing Stay

Holistic Care, Healing, Detoxification, and Eco-Raw Immersion 
Available at the Ecopolitan Building in Minneapolis*

Contact: 612-870-2974 / clinic@ecopolitan.com

*Please note: The Eco-Healing Stay is a clinical service and is only available after a recommendation from Dr. Adiel Tel-Oren (Dr. T). For information on consultations with Dr. T, visit here.

Eco-Healing Stay at the Ecopolitan Building in Minneapolis is a full-immersion Eco-Raw retreat from the busy world, where you can focus your entire attention on your health, using our many healing modalities and our science-based health and nutrition experts, at the most affordable rates anywhere!

You may "retreat" for 2-8 weeks (3 weeks or more are recommended), for $1275-1575 per week (other "Raw Retreats" charge over $5000 per week!). Our weekly rates depend on the laboratory tests ordered, the amount of time spent with Dr. Tel-Oren and the other practitioners at the Ecopolitan Building, and the intensity of the program. The modest accommodation (see picture) and the Eco-Raw cuisine prepared by the Ecopolitan restaurant (as prescribed for you individually) are included in the price. Also included are the prescribed clinical services, healing and social activities and the many modalities in the building.

Healing and social activities like Tuesday's free lectures, potlucks (if held during your stay), food preparation classes (prescribed individual classes; group classes - if held during your stay), and other activities that take place through the Ecopolitan building, such as FORAGING WEEKENDS during the summer.

Modalities: Infrared Sauna, CLAD Machine (whole-body Constant Passive Motion which improves Circulatory, Lymphatic, and Accelerated Detoxification), Targeted Hyperthermia domes (improving Immunity in specific areas of concern, reducing pain, fighting infections and cancer, and improving circulation and detoxification), Oxygen Bar, and the EWOT (Exercise With Oxygen Therapy - the least expensive way to oxygenate the body's systems, without the high costs of a hyper-barric chamber.

Prescribed clinical services (depending on your condition and package selection): massage therapy, spa services, colonic hydrotherapy, Healing-In-Motion treatments and group classes, Chiropractic, Body Cognition Therapy/Group Sessions, postural exercises, injury rehabilitation.

Nutritional consultation and Laboratory testing and Consultation by Dr. Tel-Oren or one of his advanced students are included in your tuition in varying degrees, depending on your package.

The program is highly individualized because of the small number of patients admitted at any given time.

If financial difficulties present themselves during a time of health crisis - we can offer financial-distress discounts, bringing these low rates even further.

Building Rules for renters can be loaded here.

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