Ecopolitan Building Rules


Ecopolitan Building, 2409 Lyndale Ave South, Minneapolis, MN 55405
Management: Dr. Tel-Oren or his Assistant (612) 870-2974, 
Email: clininc@ecopolitan.com or Ecopolitan Restaurant (612) 87-GREEN

These Rules are designed to improve quality of life at Ecopolitan. 
Non-compliance may result in legal action.

1.  All tenants are eligible for a 10% discount at the restaurant on SERVED MENU ITEMS, and at the Eco-shop for organic clothing/ bedding, body-care items, appliances, environmentally friendly SafeCoat products, cleaning materials (but no discount on pre-packaged foods.( Supplements are already discounted 10% at the eco-shop of the restaurant. Also, there is a 10% off Hyperthermia/CLAD, Sauna, O2, EWOT sessions – these must be scheduled with Eco-Staff!

2.  No smoking or smoke-producing activities (including incense burning), also cigarette butts will not be tolerated on the premises, indoors or outdoors within the property lines, including the Tenant’s room, all common areas, porches, staircases, parking lots, yard, garden, or the private front sidewalks surrounding the Ecopolitan Building. The Tenant is responsible for informing friends, family, or other visitors of this serious requirement, any violation of which shall result in immediate Notice of Eviction/legal action.

3.  The Eco-Stay Kitchen is Raw Vegan – therefore water/steam cooking of food (using electrical appliances, smoke-free) is not allowed while Eco-Healing Stay Tenants are in the building. No animal flesh or dairy products are allowed in the refrigerator and cabinets.

4.  Use of toxic substances, such as cleaning supplies is not allowed.

5.  In consideration for other residents' peace and resting hours, visitors must abide by all Building Rules - Tenants ARE RESPONSIBLE for their visitors. All visitors should be informed of Visiting Practices:

a. Visitors should enter and exit the building using only the Building’s front doors.The back door and back porch/staircase are only to be used by Business Occupants and third floor Tenants.

b. Tenants and their Visitors must avoid noisy or disrespectful behavior, especially in late hours.

6.  Only the Tenant may occupy a rented Room. Tenants are allowed to have a guest staying in their room for up to 3 nights per month. Longer stays must be approved by Management, at a cost of $10 per night. A room mate may be added for an additional $80, with management approval.

7.  Parking Lots are exclusive to the Businesses occupying suites in the building.Tenants and their visitors or guests are prohibited from using the building’s parking lots without Management's express permission. Unauthorized cars will be tagged or towed. For a monthly fee, cars are permitted 9:00 PM to 9:00 AM in the rear lot.

8.  Tenants are responsible for disposing and recycling waste in a neat and orderly manner, keeping the common areas, the rear porch, and the garbage can areas clean, clear of personal/other objects, & neat.

9.  Tenants will make certain that the entrances are always securely locked. Keys should never be duplicated or given to non-Tenants. Any suspicious activity should be reported immediately to the police.

10.  The Giant Wash Laundromat is located nearby – for tenants use. The Ecopolitan laundry facility is for the restaurant only.

11.  Management Approval is required before Tenants make any repairs or modifications to the building.

12.  All items belonging to the renter must remain in the renter's room. Bicycles, other mobile items, or “temporary items” are not allowed at any time within the common areas (racks are available in front).

13.  Maintain Eco-Stay Bathroom cleanliness & neatness. Towels & clothing must be cleared after use.

14.  Pets are not allowed in the Building without prior approval by the Management.

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