Further EMF information

The following sites contain further information, regarding EMF.
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EMF Protection Guides

  • Silencing the Fields - EMF Reduction Principles - is a practical guide to reduction of AC magnetic fields, by Ed Leeper. Includes commentary on EMF health effects studies.

Research Information Sites

  • The EMF-Link ® is a huge database provides substantive information on biological and health effects of electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) from common sources such as power lines, electrical wiring, appliances, medical equipment, communications facilities, cellular phones, and computers EMF Link is a service of Information Ventures, Ltd.
  • Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMF) Analysis and views from the Edison Electric Institute. This electrical utility trade association finds no evidence that the use of electricity poses a major unrecognized public health danger.
  • The Bristol's University Human Radiation Effects group - The site is discussing research in electromagnetic fields, including work on the attachment of corona ions from powerlines to pollutant aerosols and how inhalation of these particles affects human health. News also appear in the main bris.co.uk site - http://www.bris.ac.uk/news/2004/376
  • Research Center for Bioelectromagnetic Interaction - A department of the Aachen University Hospital (RWTH Aachen) for interdisciplinary research on biomedical effects of electromagnetic fields, and provides Germany's largest database on EMF-related literature.
  • Sci.med.physics FAQs - Topics include powerlines and cancer, cell phone antennas and health, and health effects of EM fields.

EMF Consultants

The following sites specialize on EMF consulting

Organizations and Residential Action Groups

  • c-a-r-e.org - Canyon Area Residents for the Environment is an organization working in the area west of Golden, Colorado. Concerned with high-powered TV, FM broadcast and radar antennas which radiate EMF out at the same altitude as many nearby mountain residents.
  • Families Against Dangerous Electronic Radiation is an organization for mobile phone base-station safety. Long-term exposure to microwave radiation could be a possible health risk. Scientific, and mast planning issues, with Knaresborough resident's campaign.
  • Emrnetwork.org : The EMR Network is an Organization working to reduce hazardous exposure to electromagnetic radiation worldwide. Includes news and information about risks, ongoing research, regulations, and litigation.
  • angelfire.com/geek/callsafe - Call Safe Mobile Phone Headsets
  • aros.net/~eno - Is a personal page which sells gauss meters, electric field and RF meters.

Other Sites of Intrest

  • Microwave News - reporting on the effects of EMF.
  • Bridlewood EMF Info - A comprehensive website on EMF.
  • EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation) Network - A new national grassroots organization to voice concerns about public exposures to electromagnetic radiation.  The group works on issues related to: RF/MW (Radio Frequency/Microwave) radiation issues, public health issues related to cell phones, towers, radio, TV, radar and power lines.
  • EMG Interface - Jim Beal, ex-NASA research engineer and member of the U.S. Science Advisory Committee in Virginia, and EMF consultant presents a current look at his life's work in studying EMF effects on the human body.  Source of 1998 Bioelectromagnetic Health Effects Update as 113 page  book covering: 1. Human Sensitivities To Electrical Fields (EFs) & Electromagnetic Fields(EMFs); 2. Stress, Health Issues (Primarily For Women) , & Potential Therapies; 3. Cellular/Mobile Phones Health Issues.
  • Field Management Services Corp. - An extensive site on engineering solutions to reducing EMF.  A particular emphais on how to reduce EMF to avoid problems with electronic equipment.  Basic methods to reduce EMF are: Increase the distance from the source;  reduce the source strength;  shield the field source or affected area.  Several technical papers and  source of technical consulting.
  • Bioshield Home Page.  An interesting site that discusses EMF effects from Video Display Terminals (VDTs).
  • bioelectromagnetics.org:    The Bioelectromagnetics Society promotes scientific study of the interaction of electromagnetic energy and acoustic energy with biological systems.
  • biorelais.com
  • enertech.net:    Specializes in applied research, scientific consulting, and the development of hardware and software to evaluate power frequency magnetic fields.
  • EmfProtection.com:
  • eco-electrics.com: Provides services regarding electromagnetic pollution from power lines, faulty grounding, RF radiation, positioning of transformer stations, as well as any EMF problems.
  • microwavesafe.net: Microwave Safe Australia - is the leader in Microwave Radiation Surveillance in Australia.

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