"Ask Dr. T" - Recorded Lectures (CDs and DVDs)

The Dark Side of Dark Field Microscopy (1 CD)

DESCRIPTION: Learn about the inadequacies of dark field microscopy, the dangers of diagnosis from this method and better alternatives to dark field microscopy. 

COST: $15 + shipping

EMDR With Brainspotting: For Warp-Speed Emotional Healing (1 CD)

DESCRIPTION: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocesing) is a therapy used to heal the symptoms of trauma as well as other emotional conditions, and has been shown by extensive scientific research to be one of the most effective and rapid methods for healing PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Learn the process of EMDR, review successful case studies of the therapy and find out how you can dramatically enhance your mental well-being, performance and creativity. 

COST: $15 + shipping

Ellectrical Pollution & Scientific Sollutions (2 CDs)

DESCRIPTION: Learn how to define and measure electrical pollution, the common sources and health effects of electrical pollution, general symptoms of sickness from electrical pollution, cancer risk, and simple solutions to combat EMF pollution.

COST: $20 + shipping

Autoimmune Diseases, Causes & Cures (2 CDs)

DESCRIPTION: Learn about different autoimmune conditions, functional medicine approaches to addressing the various issues associated with autoimmune disease, how to minimize the impact of physiological and environmental triggers, address the underlying physiological and dietary contributors and identifying the suggested nutritional supplementation. 

COST: $20 + shipping

The Scientific Truth About Protein (2 CDs)

DESCRIPTION: Find out why we should be much more concerned about consuming excess protein than suffering from a deficiency. Find out how much protein is too much, what happens when there is excess protein in the body, how to have the right amount of protein and alkalinity in your diet and the importance of amino acids.  

COST: $20 + shipping

The Scientific Truth About Fat (2 CDs)

DESCRIPTION: Find out the important roles fat plat in the human body, the relationship between inflammation and fats, what kind of fats we should be ingesting, and how dietary fats are REALLY affecting your health!

COST: $20 + shipping

The Scientific Truth About Cooking & Other Forms of Food Processing (2 CDs)

DESCRIPTION: Learn what everyday cooking does to your food and body, the truth about processed foods and why you should avoid them. 

COST: $20 + shipping

Cancer's Elusive Evolution - Implications for Prevention, Early Detection, & Treatment (2 DVDs)

DESCRIPTION: What are the nutritional strategies in the prevention and treatment of cancer? Here is your guide to the nutritional and environmental causes of cancer, enhancing the immune/antioxidant status, enzyme therapy, chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy support, and proactive and protective nutrient recommendations for cancer patients and cancer prevention. 

COST: $25 + shipping

Dr. T Speaks About Functional Medicine (2 DVDs)

DESCRIPTION: Learn how functional medicine differs from allopathic (orthodox) medicine, how functional medicine defines health and disease, what functional medicine practitioners test for and treat, and potential problems and opportunities in functional medicine.  

COST: $25 + shipping

Aging skin, moles, growths, tags, spots & blemishes: Why do they develop? (DVD)

DESCRIPTION: Find out how your diet, exposure, and general health create various skin growths, moles and blemishes. Learn how to prevent and treat them safely and painlessly using nutritional methods and lifestyle, while improving your overall health. 

COST: $25 + shipping

PH Realities and Myths (DVD)

DESCRIPTION: Find out why pH balance matters, what the truths/myths are about blood pH, and how to get it in balance.

COST: $25 + shipping

Omega-3 Breakthrough: A Naturally Stable Omega-3 and its Proven Benefits (DVD)

DESCRIPTION: Learn about the body's need for Omega 3 fatty acids; the disadvantages and dangers of the fish and flax oil industy; where to obtain the highest concentration of omega 3 fatty acids found in nature; and how to protect your own fatty tissue from oxidation, free radical activity and other chronic illnesses. 

COST: $10 + shipping

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Should We Cook Our Food?

Should we cook our food? Here is a lecture recorded by Dr. Adiel Tel-Oren ("Dr. T"), the founder of Ecopolitan. We have downgraded the recording in order to reduce download time. Original normal-quality recording available on double-CD at our store. The name of the CD is "Should We...

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