Encouraging Friends to Visit Ecopolitan

Question: Hello, I have been enjoying your food immensely- it's hard to believe how food that tastes so amazingly rich and fulfilling can also be so healthy for you (and the planet)! However, when I try to invite my friends and family who have never tried your menu, they are reluctant to join me, even though I tell them it's the most fabulous organic raw restaurant and eco-shop! I need your advice on convincing them to give it a try (I know they will easily become converts once they taste the food, because some of them already did!).

Answer: Thank you for your enthusiasm and desire to spread the word about Ecopolitan's ecological culinary excellence, uncompromising ingredient quality, and healthful food preparation techniques. Here is the main method to attract people to the restaurant for the first time: Just tell them "it's amazingly fresh organic gourmet food and wine" (or "fantastic organic cuisine and wine"). Here is why:
  1. Most people don't know anything about the sophistication of raw cuisine, so they may be only deterred by any negative connotation they have about the word "raw" and decide to skip it.
  2. They may have limited perspective- thinking that "raw foods" must be very limited in scope (only light appetizers, salads, and smoothies at most), while they really wish to experience fulfilling satiety when eating out in a full-course restaurant. When they hear "gourmet food and wine," "sophisticated organic cuisine and Wine," etc., they will realize they may enjoy a satisfying cuisine with classy entrees, and won't feel inhibited or threatened by innocent pre-conceptions.
Once they taste the entrees and desserts (not just the smoothies, appetizers, and salads) they will be amazed and instantly educated, understanding what simple words can never teach...

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