Chemical Sensitivity - How to Treat my Chemical Sensitivities?

Question: I have been sensitive to various chemicals and perfumes lately, while my friends don’t seem to be bothered. Why?
Answer: People are genetically different, and have different medical history of drug use, diseases, and behaviors. Therefore, some people who have very effective detoxification capability (their liver cells are good at making the necessary enzymes for processing and clearing toxins from the body) can handle environmental pollutants better than others can.

This may be because they have not done anything harmful to their livers, because their genetics are more suitable for this process, or because their cells are nutritionally superior. Or perhaps they avoided other detrimental factors. Also, they may have maintained a healthier immune system by avoiding immune-depressing activities or exposures. Usually, it’s a combination of many factors!

To find out about your liver’s ability to clear toxins, you may want to do a liver-detoxification profile (urine test). More importantly, you may want to do the Detoxigenomic Profile (a blood test), which reveals your small genetic variances that influence your ability to produce various detoxification enzymes.

Once you know your own unique genomic weaknesses and susceptibilities, you can start self-care in the form of specific nutrients and avoidances that will enhance your ability to detoxify and reduce your chances of various diseases. Other supplements exist that are naturally removing toxins rapidly from your body while blocking the release and activity of histamines. Also, you may want to remove known (and unknown - there is a test for that too...) allergens and immune system irritants, to reduce the overall reactivity of your immune system and allow you to enjoy an outing with your friends...

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