Asthma Triggers and Electrical / EMF Pollution

Question: In the last newsletter, we asked: "If you would like to help others improve their health and learn about eco-friendly living, email this letter to a friend". So, here are the questions of "Joan", who got this newsletter from a caring friend, "Mary":

Thank you SO MUCH for sending this!

WOW~~I'd NEVER HEARD of Dr. T nor was I aware of all he's been trying to accomplish there and I am VERY GLAD to hear of this forward movement [regarding EMF Pollution] from a man of his credentials HERE IN AMERICA AT LAST!!! I am just starting to read his website and it is INCREDIBLY INFORMATIVE!! Glad to hear about this BEFORE my annual Dr appt which is THIS THURSDAY!!! All sorts of tests I could ask for that may reveal toxicities, etc for me!

Have you heard anything in particular about how frequencies affect ASTHMA and inability to get a full breath? I just started suffering from this again and it started immediately when the US went on higher alert in response to Bin Laden's recent tape threat! I feel quite sure they are somehow related as I live close to the M. airport and there is also an Air Force Base there as well! What do you know about what frequencies they send out in "high alert" and how this may be affecting my ability to breathe properly??

Thanks for this INCREDIBLE INFO!



Dear "Joan",

As you may already know, one of the preliminary GS Filter studies in a Wisconsin school revealed dramatic improvement in many asthmatic children (34 out of 37!) who no longer required an inhaler as a result of installing the filters in their school - this is an incredible finding  (the 3 who still need an inhaler use it only for Exercise-induced Asthma)!

High alert government/military activities rely mostly on microwave and radio emissions that  induce (via induction) high-frequency currents on your electric wires, thus increasing  the overall load on the filters that you already have at home, making them less efficient and allowing greater levels of radiation inside your home (if you don't have the  GS Filters, you will obviously suffer even greater ill-effects). Having a few extra filters distributed in the house (beyond what is "necessary" during times of no alert) can help reduce the burden on the filters (increasing their longevity) and allow them to perform better during times of high demand.

High Frequency radiation  causes a phenomenon called electroporation, which alters cell membrane permeability, leading to abnormal cellular function. It can also disrupt the membranes underlying epithelial tissues and the junctions between epithelial cells in general, and the respiratory tree in particular (this occurs not only in the lungs, but susceptible individuals will notice this in their lungs first), leading to leakage of fluid that causes congestion and bronchial constriction. Several laboratory tests can help identify the main sources of an individual's susceptibilities and biochemical imbalances, and specifically-tailored nutritional therapies can then improve cellular nutrition and tissue physiology. This holistic scientific approach can increase your resistance and reduce your susceptibility to symptoms resulting from exposure to high-frequency radiation and other forms of electromagnetic pollution.

When you ask your doctor for tests related to toxicity, remember that many doctors are not aware of the appropriate tests for different situations, since this is not a regular part of most medical practices. As a result, many times you will receive a negative findings ("nothing is wrong with you") when in fact the correct test would have revealed a positive finding that is worthy of treatment. This situation can be very frustrating for most patients in your circumstances. If you need further assistance with testing, my assistant Joe will be glad to help you with scheduling a short phone consultation to clarify what tests can be done even long-distance.

I hope this helps a bit...
Yours, Doctor T

"Mary" Answered:

Dear Dr. T & "Joan",

How wonderfully kind of you both to the time out of your busy schedules; Joanne to forward & Dr. T to respond to me regarding my health!  It was my 49th birthday yesterday and this is a great gift of your time and knowledge.

Yes, I am aware of what Stetzer did at the Wisconsin school (I have linked up with him in some of his past endeavors ever since I was a part of that UW Study on chronic fatigue syndrome) and how it affected those with asthma, but was not sure exactly how to explain this from a biological standpoint.

Many tend to think I am simply blaming ALL my health problems on electrical and/or chemical pollution, even a "normal asthma" problem.  So as you can understand, your scientific explanations are "golden" to me and in addition, I'm also happy to see what you know about high alert government/military activities.  I have not only the large filter from the UW study, but also spent $500 on the dry 20's filters that plug into my wall, as I was one of Stetzer's first customers on those.

You are right in that the tests my Doctor does simply do not show what exactly is going on with my health and more specific information about where my symptoms are coming from.  What would I need to do to contact your assistant, Joe, for a phone consultation and what would be the cost?  I can tell you that so far I restarted my accupuncture treatments for the year (half covered by my insurance for up to 9 visits now, which I'm very thankful for) just today and have already started to receive partial relief.  She said I am showing excess liver and poor kidney function that are affecting my lung capacity, which again, I have trouble explaining to others.

My regular Doctor is young and from Germany and is open and interested in learning more about what you would have to say about how to deal with this.  Joanne, you would also be interested to know that she received information through our clinic on how it is suspected that electrical appliances can cause harm to children and should be kept away from them especially when they sleep!  I am thankful for her willingness to listen and she has given me her personal email address for such purposes when I am able to receive information from knowledgeable sources such as you.  Would you be interested in sharing some of your information with her via email or phone?

I bless you and again thank you for taking the time to share this important information that can help people like me live a healthier life.


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