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2012 Eco Foraging Weekends

Join Dr. T and friends for a food foraging weekend in River Haven, Wisconsin!

Eco-Foraging is the process of searching for edible plants growing wild in Nature (not planted by humans) and then eating them. This process involves living and wandering in natural surroundings for 2-3 days, forming friendships and communal awareness, re-discovering our intimate contact with our natural sources, and learning to trust that Nature will always provide; everything we really need is already here surrounding us! Foraging heals us and connects us. Foraging gives us freedom and fulfillment. Foraging is fun!

To join, e-mail office@ecopolitan.com and specify your desired weekend/s (you can attend as many weekends as you wish - the progression of summer promises new discoveries every time we go!). Group size is limited to 20 participants per foraging weekend, and this is expected to fill fast! Our first foraging weekend is scheduled for May 25-27!

For more information, testimonials and pictures, visit here.

2012 Foraging Dates (Please note these dates are subject to change)

May 25-27
July 6-8
July 20-22
August 3-5
August 17-19
September: TBD

Hope to see you there!

EMDR/BSP/MTTG Specialist Frances Yoeli Coming to Minneapolis in July

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a therapy that was developed about 20 years ago and is currently used by over 40,000 therapists worldwide. It can heal the symptoms of trauma as well as other emotional conditions, and dramatically enhance performance and creativity. Extensive scientific research has shown that when practiced as taught, it is the most effective and rapid method for healing PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

Frances R. Yoeli, MSc, MFT, CAC, LISW, a Certified Traumatologist, EMDR HAP Facilitator, and Consultant for the Life Energy Center in Israel, will be visiting Minneapolis July 17-24 to see patients at the Ecopolitan building. Her clinical experience has spanned three continents and 4 decades, and she has been seeing patients at Ecopolitan for over five years. She works with PTSD from abuse, wars, mass disasters, terrorism, critical incidents, and traumatic events.

For more information on EMDR/BSP/MTTG, click here.

For testimonials on Frances Yoeli’s treatment, click here.

Article of the Month:

Our Ecopolitan Article of the Month is back! The Article of the Month’s purpose is to help increase communication and information within and outside of the Ecopolitan Eco-Health community. Written by A.J. Gregg (and occasionally Dr. Adiel Tel-Oren), the Article of the Month examines and discusses the science basis of current health trends and issues for those interested in a sustainable, healthy, natural lifestyle. Check out this month’s article, Calorie Density to Prevent Cancer here.

Product of the Month:

This month, we’re happy to feature Bioactive Plant Fraction Therapy (BPF)

Formulated for peak wellness by Dr. T, Bioactive Plant Fraction Therapy products are made from scientifically-validated bio-active molecules isolated from pure, organic, sustainably-grown natural plant oils. These innovative formulations can either be inhaled from pocket-size inhalers, or from an ultrasonic diffuser.  Indoor diffusion helps to manage molds, fungal spores, and other microbes, and can help reduce inflammation caused by indoor pollutants. It is finally possible to bring into our home, work, and travel environments the same potent healing entities that we experience whenever we inhale the fragrance of Nature’s forests and gardens – rewarding ourselves with a sense of well-being wherever we may be!

Ecopolitan offers three different blends (Anti-Oxidant, Breathe, and Balance) in liquid or inhaler form, H2EO® AirCare Diffusers, and Dynamic Diffusion Starter Kits. For more information on Bioactive Plant Fraction Therapy, you can visit Ecopolitan’s website here.To order, call Ecopolitan at 612-870-2974 or email clinic@ecopolitan.com


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