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Exciting News!  Dr. Adiel Tel-Oren (Dr. T) and his staff here at the Ecopolitan Eco-Health Community are pleased to announce the arrival of the highly-anticipated Stool Antigen Tests.  Dr. T has customized these simple and non-invasive food panels, which reveal any sensitivities towards common food-proteins and gluten (and the presence of celiac) with the greatest accuracy available today (example - this test can demonstrate that gluten sensitivity exists even in the 90% of patients that can’t be diagnosed by a typical blood test).  We are delighted to offer these tests as a way for you to know, with certainty, your personal sensitivities and which foods you should avoid to reduce inflammatory and auto-immune damage to your cells, tissues, and organs.

2013.09.08 Stool Antigens Order Form and Article.pdf

Click the above link for the order form and information sheet detailing the significance and advantages of this specialized method of testing.  Simply complete the order form and enter “Dr. T/Ecopolitan Community” and the email address clinic@ecopolitan.com or fax number 530.690.8447 into the spaces provided for practitioner contact information.  For your convenience we also accept orders and payment information over the phone at 612.326.6893.  While any panel can be ordered separately, the most common panel requested is Panel #4, which is a combination of panels #2 and #3.  

Once your request and payment have been received, you will be sent a test kit to complete and ship to the lab.  Results will arrive via your personal email within 2-3 weeks after the specimen is received.  At that time you may choose to contact our office and schedule an optional 15 or 30 minute follow-up Skype or phone consultation with Dr. T to discuss results and action plans.  Consultation fees are not included in the price of the test.

Other tests often recommended by Dr. Tel-Oren:

1. FDH Panel - A Comprehensive Digestive, Metabolic, and Microbiological Stool Analysis - important for anyone with chronic symptoms. Degenerative, digestive, & nutritional conditions are frequently associated with gastro-intestinal tract dysfunction, which affects every system in the body. This tests analyzes 30+ parameters, including fungal/yeast/bacterial overgrowth with culture for effective natural or allopathic therapy; multiple bacterial/ecological imbalances & parasites; pH & pancreatic enzymes function; fat, protein, & carb digestion; dyspepsia, putrefaction, and mal-absorption; bile & immune antibody production; and inflammation markers. Add-on: H. pylori; anti-gliadin Ab (gluten sensitivity); Salmonella & 3 other toxic organisms; C. Difficile; hemo E.coli & its toxin.

2. M2PK - a simple, highly accurate, inexpensive stool test for early detection of specifically colon cancer and rectal cancer, which renders the uncomfortable, potentially risky, and toxic (sedatives) colonoscopy screenings almost completely obsolete!

3. Organic Acid Testing (OAT) - this comprehensive urine test is very useful with children (and adults) who suffer from learning and developmental disorders (e.g. ADD, ADHD, Autism) and metabolic disorders (e.g. chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia). It reveals genetic and metabolic tendencies, gut imbalance and infection, toxicity, nutritional deficiencies, and much more.

4. Heavy Metal Tests in Urine with Provocation, stool (especially in babies and small children), Red Blood Cells (when the patient's mineral status is desired), and/or Hair specimens - identifying exposure (usually from dental amalgam, contaminated seafood, or occupational activity) and tissue storage of mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic, and other toxic metals that are associated with chronic or acute disease (especially neurological, immunological, and metabolic syndromes, such as Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, ALS, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue, chemical sensitivities, allergies, and various auto-immune disease).

5. Functional Genomic Tests - a variety of genetic panels designed to reveal frequently-occurring genetic tendencies towards common illnesses, which can be prevented with individually tailored nutritional and environmental intervention based on the test findings. This can potentially enhance health and extend life significantly, since genetic factors are crucial to longevity yet they are often ignored. Currently, four such panels are available: Detoxigenomics, which reveals weaknesses in metabolism of various environmental, nutritional, and artificial (drugs) toxins as well as internally produced toxins such as neurotransmitters & hormones; Cardiogenomics, which exposes genetic tendencies towards lipid abnormalities, hypertension, atherosclerosis, homocysteine elevation (a major factor in the development of heart disease, related to genetic inability to convert folic acid into its active form), and others; Immuneogenomics, which shows tendencies towards inflammation, auto-immune disease, infections, and immune imbalance; and Osteogenomics, which displays genetic factors increasing osteoporosis risk. Other Genomic tests are available!

6. AMAS (Anti-Malignin Antibody in Serum) - a blood test for early detection of cancer. Extremely accurate, it is ideal for anyone with family or personal cancer history, carcinogenic exposure, high cancer risk, inconclusive cancer diagnosis, undiagnosed tumors/growths, or for screening, early detection, and prevention. Read Dr. T's related article at www.ecopolitan.com (searchable). To read more about the AMAS test, clickhere.

7. The ALCAT Diagnostic System for immune reactions/sensitivities to foods, molds, chemicals, etc. - scientific studies implicate food and environmental sensitivities as important factors in a large variety of chronic, degenerative, and developmental disorders. This blood test is not limited to antibody-mediated reactions; it reveals hidden and delayed reactions involving a broad spectrum of immune responses, leading to inflammation, joint & abdomen pain, mood and cognitive disorders, H2O retention, & weight gain.

8. Dental Materials Reactivity - this blood test evaluates immune compatibility with over 4000 oral restoration materials prior to dental treatment. Some dental materials, even if not known as strong toxins, may cause significant damage to sensitive individuals. For more information click here.
9. Pathology-Oriented, Discounted Specialty Tests - such as Osteoporosis Risk Assessment (presence of bone metabolites in urine); Ferritin Test for accurate iron storage status (crucial for those at risk of iron overload, a common dangerous condition); accurate vitamin D status test (over 90% of Americans may be functionally deficient in this critical hormone-vitamin); Complete Thyroid Panel (often missing in "routine physicals"), with optional Free T-3 (the active thyroid hormone) and Reverse T3; B-12 test, CRP (C-Reactive Protein), homocysteine, and fibrinogen (crucial cardiovascular markers usually ignored in "check-ups"); various cancer tumor markers (CEA, HCG, AFP, CA-125, CA-27/29, PSA); glucose & insulin; complete blood chemistry (includes electrolytes, important enzymes, liver, kidney, and complete thyroid function tests, blood proteins and lipid spectrum plus ratios, urinalysis, and complete blood count with differential and platelets); viral tests (EBV, CMV, Hepatitis, herpes); Lyme disease; and many others.

If you are interested in any of these tests, please contact Dr. T's office at: 612-326-6839 or e-mail: clinic@ecopolitan.com to schedule a brief phone/Skype consultation (15-30 minutes) with Dr. Tel-Oren to determine which tests are most appropriate for you at this time.

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