The Pathogenicity of Resistant Bacterial Colonies, Viruses, and Molds

A Novel Solution to a Pressing Problem

Virulent microorganisms, when allowed to proliferate in the body, are major contributors to inflammation, toxins, free radicals, and stress, leading to degenerative disease and premature aging. Therefore, we must find ways to inhibit the overgrowth of pathogenic fungi, bacteria, and viruses in the lungs, gut, internal organs, tissues, and ducts.

Numerous microorganisms are commensally and often symbiotically present within us. In fact, there are more foreign cells within the confines of our body then there are human cells, such that we can contemplate philosophically - "are they truly foreign?" Many scientists claim that these organisms, which have existed within us and around us throughout our species' entire development, have probably played a crucial role in shaping our many features, from the structure of our digestive and respiratory systems to the energy production mechanisms within each and every one of our cells. As long as we possess a competent immune system, balancing the humoral (specific, antibody-related) immune components with the cellular (non-specific, innate) components, we will maintain a peaceful inter-relationship with the natural microbes residing within us.

The opportunity for harmony and balance is destroyed once we favor one aspect of the immune system over another. Vaccination stimulates humoral immunity at the expense of cellular immunity, leading to increased susceptibility to various new microbes that enter our body unopposed during early childhood and become entrenched, thriving at our expense. This early humoral activation also contributes to an epidemic of allergies, asthma, mucosal irritation, auto-immune diseases, and cancer. As a result, our immune system becomes chronically overburdened and inefficient, leading to repeated infections, respiratory problems, inflammatory conditions, cardiovascular disease, and digestive disorders.

Immune imbalance and suppression is further aggravated by nutritional deficiencies and insufficiencies, exposure to pollutants and toxins in food, water, and the environment, electromagnetic exposure, and the current human tendency to live, work, and travel within closed and crowded artificial quarters, all of which indirectly increase the amounts of virulent micro-organisms that enter our body and flourish therein. Whenever we succumb to these microbes and experience the symptoms of an "infection," we assume that antibiotics will come to the rescue, yet the price we pay is additional toxicity, immune suppression, and a hundred-fold virulence of microbes, many of which were previously relatively benign.

Aggressive means of fighting these microbes with lethal antibiotics are both futile and detrimental, since complete eradication is impossible and microbial resistance is inevitable. Bacteria assaulted with antibiotics can mutate and form resistant super-bacterial colonies that secrete biofilm, a slimy, mucous substance acting as a barrier to immune factors and antibiotic activity. Bacteria treated with antibiotics also mutate to cell-wall-deficient forms, which may hide permanently inside our own cells, protected from our immune system.

In a society where practically everyone has been exposed to antibiotics, such abnormal bacterial colonies are ubiquitous; and the microbial toxins they incessantly secrete challenge our detoxification apparatus, our immune system, and our cellular integrity. These secretions, known as endotoxins, are the metabolic waste products of pathogenic microbes, and are some of the most potent toxins known to humans. Extremely virulent forms of endotoxins known as mycotoxins derive from fungal microbes that proliferate when antibiotic exposure destroys probiotic resistance and poisons our bodily defense mechanisms. Mycotoxins poison the brain and the entire body no less than fearsome toxins like heavy metals.

Since we have coexisted with moderate amounts of fungal microbes for many thousands of years, our liver is able to handle just a small amount of the endotoxins they secrete, thus we must discourage disproportionate growth of fungal colonies. This is why it is advantageous to coexist peacefully with our microbial inhabitants, by simply inhibiting their growth and reducing their pathogenic load, rather than attacking them with powerful antimicrobial agents. We should "encourage" the microbes and established colonies within us to remain relatively dormant and benign, in order to lessen the burden on our immune system and to avoid the effects of accumulating toxins.

Colony overgrowth can be avoided with the use of pure volatile plant actives (available as Bioactive Plant Fraction™ therapy) that are scientifically proven to act as powerful microbial "messengers," gently signaling the microbes (via what is known as "quorum sensing) that it is not an opportune time to proliferate. These plant molecules are combined in several formulations: One is designed to promote continuous balance between our microbes (bacteria, viruses, and fungus) and our immune system; another is formulated to prevent and address potential respiratory challenges (e.g. coughing, congestion, breathing difficulty) that may occur within overcrowded, contaminated, closed-off environments or with exposure to allergens and pollutants; a third formula focuses on antioxidant activity - quenching free radicals as well as preventing their formation in the first place. A fourth blend that will become available soon is designed as a "stress" formula - which will dramatically reduce the negative impact of stress factors (including microbial stress) on the body.

These uniquely blended volatile plant actives can either be inhaled from conveniently portable, small, refillable inhaler sticks, or they can be diffused at night by an ultrasonic cold-mist diffuser. Indoor diffusion is highly beneficial throughout the entire year, as we are continuously exposed to household irritants and microbes, especially molds. Fungal spores released into the air are very resistant and can easily multiply inside the body when inhaled or digested. The pure active molecules within the Bioactive Plant Fraction™ products inhibit molds (or even kill them) before they have a chance to enter the body and proliferate. Additionally, these active plant molecules inhibit the more pathogenic "filamentous" form of yeast, allowing it to remain in its benign form.

Because they contain special blends of the pure active molecules that give essential oils their beneficial characteristics, Bioactive Plant Fraction™ products are far more potent and therapeutically reliable than whole essential oils - a small amount goes a long way, as intended by Nature and proven by science! Unlike essential oils, they do not inundate the lungs with potentially-rancid, oily matter. As singular molecular entities, these active plant components are undiluted by essential oils and unrepressed by the many inhibitors contained within essential oil extracts. Such inhibitors enable the plant to suppress its innate active components until they are really needed - during an injurious event, when microbial overgrowth becomes a threat. It is desirable to avoid these inhibitors in therapeutic formulations as they reduce the effectiveness and benefits of the active compounds. Additionally, essential oils vary in activity, purity, and content from batch to batch and from one manufacturer to another, resulting in therapeutic unpredictability - whereas bioactive plant molecules are single chemical entities with consistent identity and performance.

Hundreds of scientific studies have documented these pure plant entities to be extremely effective at 1. exposing stealth organisms (viruses and bacteria that reside inside our cells, hiding from our immune system and from antibiotics) to our immune system so that it can do its job; 2. inhibiting the growth of microbial colonies; 3. accelerating and shortening antibiotic treatments and therefore reducing toxicity and bacterial resistance. These active plant components have even been shown to inhibit various cancer cell lines, possibly thanks to their ability to destroy viruses, to prevent viral replication, and to cause various cancer cells to self-destruct via the process known as apoptosis.

There are many other remarkable traits that reveal just how intelligent Nature is in providing these ancient healing molecules that have been "mixed" into our planet's primordial environment and incorporated into every aspect of plant and animal life. As we study their crucial and all-encompassing health benefits, we have no choice but to acknowledge that Bioactive Plant Fraction™ products are filling a conspicuous void within the myriad of health-care and self-care approaches available today. It is safe to say that the absence of these "healing doses of Nature" precludes us from being truly healthy - as members of a modern society that is crowded, immunologically-suppressed, nutritionally-depleted, emotionally-stressed, physiologically-challenged, microbiologically-imbalanced, and environmentally-polluted. Bioactive Plant Fraction™ therapy is as important to our health as exercise, detoxification, stress-relief, and wholesome food. It is finally possible to bring into our home, work, and travel environments the same potent healing entities that we experience whenever we inhale the fragrance of Nature's forests and gardens - rewarding ourselves with a sense of well-being wherever we may be!

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