New, Expansive EM Pollution Seminar!

In the upcoming 5-hour "Electromagnetic Pollution - Solid Solutions" Seminar for both doctors (5 CEUs awarded to applicable Minnesota doctors) and the public, we will explore the underlying mechanism that is a common thread in the evolution of numerous disease conditions, from headaches to joint pain, from multiple sclerosis (MS) to diabetes, and from asthma to cancer.
We will finally understand how electromagnetic pollution affects this mechanism, contributing drastically and dramatically to all these and many other pathological and functional conditions. The fascinating history of this phenomenon will be revealed!

We will learn the latest scientific and technological advances in this field of physics, health, and medicine, as well as simple steps we can take to improve our physiology and protect ourselves from harmful electromagnetic fields (EMF) and electromagnetic radiation (EMR). As we discuss these simple yet effective preventive and therapeutic measures, we will offer people various options for treatment and/or self-care, based on their level of interest, motivation, electrical sensitivity, medical situation, history, lifestyle, nutrition habits, other health risks, other factors contributing to existing illness, and budget.

One unique feature of this seminar is the broad definition of cellular nutrition and health, literally bridging the gap between various disciplines in holistic and allopathic medicine. Through understanding of the physiological changes in the tissues and cells exposed to EMF/EMR, we readily create associations with many treatable nutritional factors and pathological factors that affect our cellular nutrition. Therefore, this is essentially a NUTRITIONAL SEMINAR, despite its title! Since cellular nutrition, biochemistry, and function are all important components of the cross-specialty discipline of functional medicine, which is supported by various functional and toxicological diagnostic tests, we will discuss the most important tests to be aware of and how to implement their results in order to improve our health in general and how to increase our resistance to disease in particular, including disorders emanating from electromagnetic/EMR/EMF-pollution. This aspect of the seminar will be especially important for those suffering from electrical sensitivity!

This knowledge will remove the fear factor in both electrically sensitive (ES) individuals and in people desperately looking for valid, scientific information about this topic. It will help each participant become a source of crucial, life-saving, authoritative information for friends, co-workers, family members, colleagues, patients, and new acquaintances, whether ES or not!

The seminar is presented by Adiel Tel-Oren ("Doctor T"), MD (Europe), DC, LN, DACBN, DABOM, CCN, FABDA, DABCT(c), who lectures internationally about disease prevention, non-invasive clinical medicine, nutritional and environmental medicine, and science-based functional diagnosis and therapy. Dr. T has established healing retreats, functional medicine centers, and biological dentistry associations, as well as treated patients and consulted companies in 4 continents. He is co-founder and Medical Director of Nepal's non-profit Community Health Plan, servicing nearly 200,000 Nepali villagers. He is President Emeritus of the University of Natural Medicine (Santa Fe, NM), where he serves as Dean of Medical Sciences and professor of functional, nutritional, & clinical medicine.

Trained as an MD in Europe and the USA, Doctor T is board-certified with the American Board of Oxidative Medicine, the American Clinical Board of Nutrition, and is a Candidate with the American Board of Chelation Therapy. He is a Doctor of Chiropractic and Licensed Nutritionist (Minnesota); a Certified Clinical Nutritionist; and a professor with the Clinical Nutrition Certification Board of the International & American Association of Clinical Nutritionists; a Fellow of the American Board of Disability Analysts; and a member of the ACA Nutrition Council.

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