The food was fantastic - Linda and Randy

The food was fantastic - Linda and Randy

I am from the outstate area of Minnesota and have been trying to get to the Ecopolitan for the past several years. We finally made it there last Sunday to celebrate our anniversary, and we were so impressed ! The food was fantastic, we tried so many different things, cold soup, smoothies, main meal and of course couldn't go without trying some dessert! Everything was so delicious, even my husband was pleasantly surprised how you can make vegan dishes that look similar to the "traditional foods" and yet be so tasty !

We absolutely loved the "cheesecake" dessert, and I'd love to know how I can get the recipe ! You know how it is when it comes to desserts I just don't make them because of all the "junk" that goes into them, so we just go without. . . .it was so fun to eat a dessert and know that it is not laced with junk and that it was made with whole organic foods ! almost unbelievable how delicious it was !

Thank you for the great experience, wish we were closer so we could come there more often. I would love to learn more about preparing food that way, and will have to try to learn all I can from the internet :) Maybe you could offer on-line classes ! I'd sign up !

thanks again,
Linda and Randy
Dear Linda and Randy,

I am very happy to hear about your very positive experience at the restaurant, and feel that the staff deserves accolades. They have worked hard for many years - perfecting the menu while maintaining the principles of "honestly-healthy, hygienic food." We are consistently making new improvements (for example, we have just replaced the oat focaccia in order to avoid even the slightest risk of having gluten present in the kitchen), but your satisfaction with the current food offerings and service is a source of pride for the entire staff and for myself. We are here to serve the community - and a grateful community is a positive manifestation of our purpose.

We are creating an on-line Food Preparation/Cheffing class that will focus on health, ecology, and nutrition-sense, in addition to easily making tasty Eco-Raw food . You will hear about it soon! I hope that you and others will join the class, to help us make the world healthier, more sustainable, and capable of sustaining all life.

Yours, with gratitude,
Dr. T - Ecopolitan Founder