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Govinda Dhital
CCODER Founder

I was raised in a poor remote village of Gorkha District in Nepal. My education and experience have taken me to a living standard considerably higher than that of the village, but I can not forget my roots. My feelings on social service has been associated with my childhood. My mother died when I was seven. When I grew up, I came to know that the cause of her death was lack of medical facilities available in the village. That incident stimulated my interest to go into the medical field in order to help rural communities by providing medical services, Partly which I did.

My interest is to dedicate myself to help poor villagers and sick persons. I spent 3 years in the medical field as an Assistant Medical Officer. But, I found the medical component was only one among several factors involved with premature death. Therefore, I started to look for better alternatives.

The American Peace Corps program was very helpful in leading me in the right direction. After that I studied Business Management and changed my track from Medical Care to Rural Development. That was in 1984. I joined an international French NGO named CIDR, which was involved in Rural Development. In that organization my role was to organize, plan and implement development programs with the local people in the capacity of project coordinator. Due to this, I had a chance to work where my interest lays. This gave me extra motivation to work.

I was awarded a scholarship by SEARSOLIN Committee, Xavier University, Philippines for rural social leadership, Which I have completed in March 1990. It was another step that encouraged me to devote more into this field. From this experience, I realized that we need assistance and guidance from the international community, but it was an important step in the development of our country that we try to manage projects on our own, especially in the rural communities. I feel this is important because villagers tend to be more responsible in working with people of their own culture.

With this in mind, we have started an organization, the Center for Community Development and Research (CCODER). CCODER-Nepal has developed and implemented an innovative approach for People Empowerment through Group Action, to fight rural poverty and help gain self-sufficiency. The result has made a strong impression on the surrounding communities. Based on this, we have been able to expand our activities.

The situation and the environment made me a committed professional social worker. Social work will be my life long journey. This field of social work is very wide and there is no limitation. There was a need of an international community or a global family to share love and affection experiences as well as joy and pain. CCODER is grateful that it found such a family in its First Group of CCODER Community Tourism Program.

We are in the middle of our endeavors. Your generous help and encouragement will act as fertilizer for our growth. We do appreciate your support in this regard.

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