Dr. William Rae

Dr. William Rae, a former surgeon from Texas, discovered his own sensitivity to electromagnetic fields while working in the modern operating room. As medicine became a technology, the operating room became a home to more and more electrical devices. Today, in his opinion, it could well be classified as a hazardous environment. By eliminating other sources, Dr. Rae determined that his allergic and neurological symptoms were caused by the electromagnetic fields in the operating room. He subsequently discovered that he was not alone in his hypersensitivity, and that there was a growing population of patients with the same condition. These people are typically told by their physicians that their symptoms are “all in their minds” and that they should seek psychiatric care.
Rae became outraged about this situation and he established a clinic to deal with this problem as a real entity. His Environmental Health Center in Dallas, TX is probably the best-equipped clinic of its kind in the country.
The patients are tested through exposure to a spectrum of electromagnetic fields in such a fashion that they unaware it is being done. In most patients, a consistent sensitivity to certain specific frequencies can be found and quantified through objective measures of the activity of the autonomic nervous system. In this way, Rae has proved that the electromagnetic-hypersensitivity is a real clinical entity.
Dr Rae is also the founder of AHEF, the American  Environmental Health Foundation, a nonprofit organization founded to provide research and education into Environmental Sensitivity.

Contact Information:
Dr. William Rae 
Environmental Health Center 
Dallas, TX

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