How to Eat Raw Organic Plant Food?

Organic, fresh, wholseme, unprocessed, uncooked vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds are great for your body (see why). But what is the best way to start eating raw food? Here are your essential tips.

Start slowly
Your body needs time to adjust and clean itself. Start including more fresh fruit, green salad, and green juice in your meals. Cut back on meat, dairy products, and cooked starchy foods. Try eating all raw one day per week, then two days. Or eat only two cooked foods per meal, then only one. You'll feel the difference.

Stay balanced
You need a balance of three basic food groups as most of your diet:
1. sweet fruits (apples, oranges, berries, melons, etc.)
2. green leaves (dark lettuce, kale, collards, spinach, etc.)
3. raw plant fats (avocados, olives & their oil, coconuts & their oil, nuts & seeds, durian)

Eat lots of sweet fruit, lots of green leaves, and some fat (as dressing, pâté, hummus, etc.). Add vegetables as desired, and sprouted grains and legumes occasionally. Try fruit for breakfast and snacks; greens, veggies and fat for lunch and dinner.

Eat organic & wild
Organically-grown food costs more, but you get what you pay for. It is 2-10 times richer in minerals, contains no pesticides, and tastes better. It is better for you, your planet, and your palate. Wild unhybridized food is what your body was designed for, before our ancestors started messing with Mother Nature. Take it easy with highly hybridized fruits (bananas, seedless anything) and vegetables (carrots, beets, white potatoes).

Be patient
If you are sick, you might feel sicker temporarily, as your body dumps stored toxins (heavy metals, drugs, cooked-food residues) that overwhelmed it and accumulated over a lifetime. This is called detoxification. Take it slow-eat more raw fat or cooked starch to slow down detoxification, if needed. Your body has tremendous healing power. Give it time (months or years) to fully recover from years of abuse.

Get support
Marching to a different drummer for most people is never easy. But you're not alone. All around the world, people are learning the benefits of eating as Nature intended. Read raw-food books, visit websites, try meetings and classes (see Resources below). And come hang out with us!

Live more naturally
Good food alone cannot make you healthy and happy. You also need sunshine (for vitamin D and strong biorhythms), moderate exercise, relaxation, and love. A daily walk outdoors will give you the first three. Use a water-filter and nontoxic household products (available from us & elsewhere). Get mercury fillings out of your teeth. Avoid drugs and manmade chemicals whenever possible. If your health remains poor, find a doctor who will search for the root causes, not suppress the symptoms with drugs and surgery.

Believe in yourself
Change can seem overwhelming. It's easier to stay in old ruts. But you deserve better. You are the masterwork of 3.5 billion years of evolution (or of God, depending on your point of view). You have power to think, to plan, to take control. Don't let fear and habit stop you. Small steps each week are enough. Then one day you'll look back, and see how far you've come.

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