Vegetarian Un-Cooking Class

Ecopolitan's vegaterian un-cooking classes are becoming increasingly popular.
ECOPOLITAN is 100% Organic, Vegan, Raw Food Restaurant


Monthly un-cooking class
Taught by one of Ecopolitan's chefs, the monthly un-cooking class (at Ecopolitan's Lecture/Meeting room downstairs) is focused on healthy food preparation "a la Ecopolitan".
Class size is limited. The cost is $45 (paid upon reservation), to cover food expenses, facility use, and instructor's salary. You will get to eat everything prepared afterwards! Please call 612-87-GREEN to reserve a place, or ask one of our servers to register you.

Private Uncooking Instructors
AnchorFor the more serious culinary students, we offer private (one-on-one) un-cooking lessons with one of our chefs. Participants are taught by an Ecopolitan chef the essential skills, methods and recipes for getting started in raw-food preparation. Call or speak to our staff for registration.

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